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Any way to sharpen image from video?

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  • Any way to sharpen image from video?

    Hi everyone, I'm having a little bit of a dilemma that I hope someone can help me with. Recently they've been getting me to edit some of the pictures that come off our security cam at the store. Usually it's just the color that needs lightening and it's no big deal. Right now we're working on a huge case though. I have four still images from the camera, one is not salvageable at all, but I really hope I can sharpen some of the other ones. I know all about garbage in, garbage out, but I was hoping maybe someone has some sort of trick out there that might help me make the faces in the picture a little more identifiable. Thanks in advance!

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    Well, like you said garbage in, garbage out. You can't really bring out details if they're not there to start with. BUT. You might try this:

    Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask. You can play with the settings but I usually use 80%, 2.0, 0.

    Good luck.


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      Sure Nadine this is easy. First you get a giant flat panel monitor and hang it on the wall. Then you type really rapidly on your keyboard causing an orange box to appear around the area you want to enhance. Then you type some more and it will zoom to the box. Then you type really really fast and the image will become perfectly crystal clear.

      At least that's how they do it on TV. [img]/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

      Sorry for being a total smart ass here LOL. I really have no idea how this can be done. [img]/emoticons/cool.gif[/img]

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        That's hysterical Kool - ROTFLMAO, but I liked the answer. I wish I could do reinterpolate images as well as those TV investigators can. It sure would make life easier.

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          Heh heh! Thanks Kool! It would be really sweet if that would work. They do it all the time on CSI. I think I ended up with a half decent picture once I lightened it up. The problem is the camera takes the pictures at 72dpi, so it doesn't look too bad on the screen, but of course when you print the pictures... Ouch. I did the sharpen mask thing. Didn't hurt it that's for sure. I think they could do a positive ID based on what I have. Thanks everyone!


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            wow. gdf crime-solving team. we should find out where nadine works...i'll stop shoplifting there...or wear a great big pixelated cardboard mask...

            greetings, earthlings. take me to your dealer.


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              oh, 'haha'.

              greetings, earthlings. take me to your dealer.


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                We could start our own spin-off... CSI: Graphic Design Forum The crime solving team on the edge of sanity. And we would have to have boobies in there somehow.

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                  Hehe, you guys crackme up. I like the pixelated cardboard mask idea. The visual is hilarious especially because I don't picture unc the way she really looks... instead I visualize her avatar with the cardboard mask, scraggly beard hanging below and everything. ahaha!

                  Anyway, Nadine, see if this tutorial helps. The way the tutorial is put together sucks - it's one great jpeg - but it mighthelp bring out a few details. I wouldn't expect any miracles but I though it was worth a shot.

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                    Heh! You guys really are funny.

                    Thanks ylaenna! I'll give that a shot tomorrow. For some reason (probably the TV thing) they think I can perform miracles. It's a nice break from the regular design stuff anyway. At the least they're very impressed when I can lighten the pictures. Ha ha!


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                      Tthere's a de-interlace filter in photoshop. Sometimes it clears stuf up - sometimes it makes it worse. Give that a go too.

                      Pixelated cardboard mask - that's the greatest!


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                        Sometimes using sharpen followed by a guassian blur with a really low setting can help. Other times it just makes it look like you are dizzy or something.

                        Quick! There is time to waste, hurry up and wait!
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