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  • DW8: navigation bar options


    I currently have a row of links. Each word has the navigation:hover CSS assigned with it. This works fine. I am extremly new to dw though and have a question. Some webpages have a menu that slides down when you hover over a word. For instance if the heading is jewelry, and you mouse over it...a sub directory (necklaces, braceltes, earrings) slides down and the user can select it. How do i do this in dreamweaver...and how do i use CSS to accomplish it. many thanks to a newbie.
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    Learn HTML and CSS - DW is just a tool. Don't try to get DW to do stuff for you. It will all end in tears.

    Google is your friend:


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      Yes, first thing is -- you have to stop thinking about "learning Dreamweaver" and start thinking about learning HTML and CSS.

      The drop down or fly out menus that you described are often created with a combination of javascript and CSS. There are many script respositories out there that you can use. is a recent find, Suckerfish (chris_bcn provided the link above) is the place to start though.
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        There's some good stuff on there, and Chris Nicholls does some amazing things with CSS. My gripe with almost all of it is all the cludges required for IE6 - he has started using conditional comments all over the place.

        I know that it's not his fault, and that standards browser work fin, but I'm only prepared to put conditional comments in the head to link to 1 IE specific stylesheet.

        *Sigh* - I wish people would stop thinking that learning how to use a piece of software is the way forward. It's craft people. Learn it. Put some effort it. Have pride in your work.

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          thanks folks. in fact i am already having troubles with dreamweaver. i created my index.html. then copied it to make 5 other pages...renaming the pages. i then went and linked those words in my nav bar to its page. however...its acting up...whenever i click on half of the word it takes me to my new page, when i click on the other half it just reloads the index.html (the page i originally had linked each word to) and idea why.

          i will take your advice and buy an HTML and CSS book and a small dreamweaver book. I am really just getting started and feel like i am fallingdown a never ending hole.


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            Basically what you need to do is STOP using DW. Get a text editor and learn what your doing.

            Unless of course this is merely a hobby


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              is dreamweaver no good??


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                Well, I've been doing this since the late 1990s and I have frustrations every day. I learn something every day. Just be patient with yourself, start where you can, use Dreamweaver to help you if you need to but definitely set the *right* goals for your progress. Picking up those html and css books is a good place to start. I learned the bulk of the basics in one weekend about 8 years ago. Just start at chapter one and go from there. Just like in school, only you're the teacher and the student.

                See, this is a great example of what we mean when we're talking about dreamweaver writing the code for you.

                basically what happens if you're in design view, is you will highlight something and then in the little selection properties box you type in your link and various other things -- but what's happening to the code (go to code view or split view) can be a real mess. I've selected a bit of text and created a link only to go back and look at the code to see that it selected something I totally didn't want.

                Rather than let dreamweaver write the code and then have to go back to clean it up, its far faster to write it from scratch. Learn to love the code. It's a learning curve, but in the long run, it will save you a tremendous amount of time. On the surface, dreamweaver's wysiwyg (design view) and automated code generating functions SEEM to make it a faster and easier process. But what happens when you run into a problem? You have to know how to fix it and dreamweaver ain't gonna help you, you'll have to dig in to the code to make corrections. Over time, just an extremely non-efficient work flow.
                You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on. --GWB


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                  DW is great - if you know what you're doing. If you let DW do the work for you, you will have terrible code, bloated HTML that is REALLY difficult to troubleshoot, and it will make it hard to update.

                  Do you want to do this for a living?


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                    thanks for your responses guys. do i want to do this for a living....i wouldnt go that far. i want to do freelance work (in addition to my job)....but not strictly web design.....mostly marketing...but some clients dont have webpages....and i want to be able to offer this. i am on a huge learning curve as i have been out of the country and away from civilization for two years....and i have more than just html and css to learn but also graphic design and such. i really appreciate this board though as it offers a good source for help and info....

                    would yall recommend a certain html or css book in particular???



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                        much thanks!






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