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  • New web browser built on firefox

    Just downloaded Flock today. A new web browser built on the firefox engine. That's as far as things go for technicalities. I thought it could be relevent because it's got inbuilt features to connect you to flickr and photobucket plus various blogging tools etc.

    It's only beta at the moment but as of yet i've had no faults!
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    Hmm, looks nifty, but I am sure there is an extension or two designed for Firefox with the same capabilities somewhere out there.

    Plus, Firefox 2.0 was JUST released as Beta 2, so it won't be long before the final version comes to fruition.

    Thanks though


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      I've tried this, and I reply with a big "NO THANKS." With all of Firefox's extensions, I find very little reason to use this bloated overlay. Who needs Flickr and other sites so much they'd need it within the browser? Hell, if you did, install an extension! I just think its mislabled. It should be called the FLOCK overlay or extension, not the Flock Browser.
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