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Blocks show up in the Background of AI?

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  • Blocks show up in the Background of AI?

    I have done an illustration in Adobe Illustrator that looks fine on screen, but when printed, there are different shades of blocks that appear in the background. Anyone know what this is from? Is it in the printing process or a gradient fill issue?

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    Did you use any transparency or transparency effects (feathering, drop shadows)? Are you working in pure process colour or are there also spot colours involved?


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      Also, what kind of printer and is it postscript?


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        Hi There,
        Yes, I am using drop shadows on elements in the foreground. It's the gradient fill background behind the drop shadows where the blocks are popping up. Using process colors...
        I am not sure what kind of printer they are using. This is for a client on the opposite coast. And I can't be there in person.
        Any ideas?


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          It could be their rip isn't up to date. Our digital copy centre attached to our business can't print Indesign drop shadows - they come up as white blocks. If it is this, there really isn't anything you can do on your side since it isn't your fault. I say try some printer locally and see if it is a problem.
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            Thanks budafist,

            What does "rip" stand for?



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              Insane...I've never asked that question before...Anyway it's raster image processor according one site...

              When you print something from computer it, has to convert to tell the printer what it is you are doing. "The conversion of digital graphic information into a form that can be written (printed) by an output device is the function of the raster image processor (RIP)"

              Here is everything you need to know:
              It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" Winnie the Pooh


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                I didn't write this, but it's nice:
                Think of the RIP as a translator between you and your printer. You give it instructions in the language of your desktop publishing application and the RIP translates your instructions into the language of the printer. If your language is too complicated for the translator or it misunderstands your instructions the file doesn't rip.
                It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" Winnie the Pooh


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                  Technically, virtually every printing device, from the lowliest inkjet up to the massive high teck laser plate burners use some kind of 'RIP'. Many of the lower end variety have the RIP as part of the printer driver software, or even the OS itself.

                  In commercial printing workflow however, it's a given that all RIPs are postscript based.


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                    You can flatten the transparency or export the image from illy. I have to do that when I get too fancy at work (and I printed 52" wide, unlimited length). It changes up the output appearance of the colors, so color matching is a nightmare. But if you are ok with a little flexibility on that it works.

                    I had a link of a new plug in for Adobe to fix this very problem, I will try to find it again.
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                      Check to make sure that overprinting is turned on in your file (Filter > Colors > Overprint Black), and tell the printer to be sure that overprinting is turned on in their RIP. Your alternative is to flatten the whole thing and have them print from that, but you would probably have to up your flattener preset to at least 600 dpi to get the vector quality you need, which will give you a large file.
                      The RIP (Raster Image Processor is correct) is the computer that combines vector and raster information into output for film (to make printing plates) or direct to plate. The output is dots (raster) at around 2400 dpi. Even the half-tone dots for your 150 lpi screen are built from 2400 dpi RIP dots.


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                        I never print from Illy. Save it as a PDF, PS, or EPS.

                        If it's still giving you problems, flatten the transparency first, and if you're REALLY having problems, you can always flatten the entire piece (in your Flattener Transparency Preset, move slider to 100% raster, then make sure you have your compression settings at the right resolution in your PDF options.).

                        *EDIT: I didn't read Alan's post first, and I forgot about the possibility of overprints. Check that out first. Open your Attributes window, and make sure there are no Overprint strokes or fills in your document, where you don't want them.
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                          WOW! Thanks everyone for your help!
                          I am giving it another try and seeing what happens on their end.

                          For the Overprint Black, I cannot even get that option to click on. I see it in the menu, but it's grayed out, so I can't click on it. Not sure what that means.

                          Anyone know?

                          I'm obviously self taught in Illustrator, so thanks for the technical help.



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                            Self-taught? Well, join the club. Lots of us self-taught folks here. We just got here ahead of you.

                            You have to have your drop shadow object selected, then it will show up.


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                              I remember having this problem a few years back with a Canon S750 printer. Not one other designer I knew had this problem. I thought I was the only one, and that it was some freak oddity because I was the one person using a PC.

                              Nice to now know what the problem was.






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