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Freehand MX vs Illustrator

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  • Freehand MX vs Illustrator

    There is something which sort of is making me uneasy.
    Adobe has taken over Macromedia as I hear and having two competing applications under its belt the company will obviously ditch the newly acquired, ie Freehand.
    I've been using freehand since forever and while I know that converting to Illustrator isn't all that hard I also know that my workflow will be reduced to more than half. You get accustomed to a program and when you get there you start to think and act immediately using shortcuts and the like and your creativity is not hampered by the program interface. When I have to work after another designer who prefers Illustrator I'm more thinking about how this is done here or where is that tool than being creative. I've been using Freehand for more than 16years for Christ's sake!
    I also find Illustartor slower as a renderer and not so precise.
    Any of you have the same problem/concern?

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    I don't have the same problem with Freehand/Illustrator because I never got into Freehand. But I do feel your pain because I feel the same exact way when I have to use Quark. I've done whole projects in it but don't use it very often so I forget all the shortcuts and how to navigate around the program. Makes me want to throw my computer out the window.


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      Im in the same boat as you. Ive been using Freehand from the beginning, and just recently started using Illustrator. They are similar, but still have enough differences to slow down your workflow considerably.

      I still use Freehand for the majority of my work. Even though they wont be making future updates, you can still continue to use it without any problems.

      You will quickly learn that Freehand is far superior to Illustrator in particular situations. However, at the same time, Illustrator has some great features that blow Freehand out of the water. Hopefully Adobe will integrate the best of both products in future releases.


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        I was taught Freehand in the first year of my GD course, Illustrator in year 2. I have to say I never use Freehand these days. I use it only if the file is given to us in Freehand, but I would never think to create something in Freehand. Illustrator is just much more logical to my way of thinking. You might think the other would be true since I learned Freehand first but I always struggled with Freehand.

        We have a designer come in often to get stuff printed. He only uses Freehand and he doesn't know how to make pdfs (he says he can't on his version). We always have issues making high res pdfs with spots in Freehand. Illustrator on the other hand is a breeze.
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          Typographics, I'm with you, I'm hoping Adobe will incorporate some of the cool features from Freehand with Illustrator. Who knows, they might even rename the product somehow.

          I'm much more comfortable with Illustrator than I ever was with Freehand, but I didn't use Freehand enough to know what some of its strengths were, although I've heard some good things.
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            Attn: BUDAFIST
            I make pdf's from Freehand as follows:
            1/ File > Print
            2/ Output options > Save > as file > postscript
            3/ Output options > Freehand MX > Advanced > Unclick Use PPD

            You need Adobe Distiller now...
            Open Adobe Distiller and drop your postscript file into its box.
            The Distiller can be set to high res, etc.


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              I do something like that. Cant remember exactly because I don't have here, but I do make a postscript and then use Distiller. I'm not sure about the Unclick Use PPD bit. What's that?
              It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" Winnie the Pooh


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                That's in the print dialogue box. You have to uncheck 'Use PPD', from the selected printer. That's because you have to select a poscript printer first. In my case I choose HP Laserjet 5000. Its a laser printer I've got.


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                  I used Freehand many years ago, and IMO, hands-down it works faster and more intuitively than any other graphics program I have found. I found these videos on YouTube that demo this difference visually--

                  Freehand vs. Illustrator
                  Freehand vs. Illustrator - Round 2


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