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  • Graphic Design 1986 - Present

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm new to the forum and just in need of some help.

    Q: What's your favourite pieces of graphic design/branding/product/book design etc etc. from 1986 to present day?

    Any links to images would be a great help- for a project!



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    What's your project title: 'Other people's favourite designs?'


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      Pretty much- basically it's 'Designer's favourite designs' from the past 20 years.

      For example, personally, I feel the rebranding of BP in 2002 was a great piece of design.
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        the way shells logo has evolved gradually over the years.
        and the rebranding of bt in the uk.
        i love work...
        ... i can sit and watch it all day


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          FedEx. Good old Wally and company at Landor did good on that one.


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            I love the plone logo. Have since the first time I saw it.


            Edit: I'm also president of my own fan club and love this logo that I created a while back!! Sorry, I just can't let these opportunities pass me up!!
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              Anyway, just a little while ago I asked if the banner was printed and they said yes and client is satisfied. So it is a bit late to redo this job.
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              There are 250cm in 2.5 meters, right?

              You are doing this for a paying client?

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              A banner usually hangs...
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