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PDF portfolios - some advice needed.

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  • PDF portfolios - some advice needed.

    Hi all

    I'm creating a PDF of a few work examples to be viewed by prospective clients/art directors. Could use some advice as to the scaling of things - ie do you reduce the size of, for example, an A4 page so the viewer isn't constantly resizing the page infront of him?

    If showcasing a booklet as part of the presentation do you take selected pages, the front and back cover, a blow-up of a particulalry interesting bit or shove the whole lot in there?

    Also, is there anyway to insert notes for the benefit of the viewer (date, client, breif etc) or is it common practice to create notes in the native program (be Pshop, Illy, Indy).

    All this seems terribly obvious I'm sure and I do have my own ideas, but if anyone can advise as to common practice regarding PDF portfolios I' be grateful for any info you can throw my way.

    As ever your collective advice is a huge help.


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    I'm not sure I understand you: Are you making an online portfolio, or an interactive cd...what?

    For the booklet I'd take studio (not necessarily in a studio, a well lit place is fine) photos of it and place these alongside gifs of the detail (blow-ups) on the cover and some pages.
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      Good tip.

      No - I have a website. The agency I work for have asked for a PDF of work examples that they can, in turn, email out to the prospective studio I might be freelancing at ie "Here's a guy who's available next week for some artworking chores - and just to prove he's not a complete waste of time here's some of his previous stuff".

      I suspect it's a kind of portfolio "light" via which one measures competance.







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        Sounds like crowdsourcing, can't they tell from your portfolio whether you'd fit or not? Good call Mumbo PASSWORD everything!!!!
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        Not to get negative but I would password protect all your work before you give it to them so they can only view it, not edit or print it. Sounds fishy.

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