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Nova Publisher Pro 2.0 previous version document crash: problem solved

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  • Nova Publisher Pro 2.0 previous version document crash: problem solved

    For those who have trouble opening Nova (Art Explosion) Publisher Pro Documents that were created in a version prior to 2.0, the problem lies in non-embedded clipart. You will have to have the previous version on a computer to repair this problem

    Open the problematic document in the Publisher Pro version in which you created it. Then either:

    1. Delete all clipart and save your document.


    2. Go to the TOOLS menu and select Resource Manager*. Find and select each "linked" clipart file and "unlink" (which embeds the clipart image). Then, save your document.

    Either way, by deleting the PubPro clipart or embedding it into your document, it should be openable by Publisher Pro 2.0.

    Nova Developement says they're currently working on a fix for the problem and they recommended deletion, but I found embedding is a good work-around.

    (*The Resource Manager is a feature that shows you what images and fonts are in your document, what their size and status are, and allows you to jump right to them).





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