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  • annoyed at work?

    I need to get one of these for the next idiotic request from a salesperson...

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    hahaha...... that's different
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      I use this... it was a gift from Navian.

      "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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        Wow, I'd be fired in a millisecond for bringing that on to school district property.

        It's like an alternative to those squishy stress balls.


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          I wish I had a salesperson.
          You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on. --GWB


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            Originally posted by EC
            I wish I had a salesperson.
            you can have this one of ours... he tells us things like: "the customer wants you to change the ad to have a red and orange rainbow [gradient] background with purple font [text] and add this cool picture [crappy low res jpg] off their website"

            5 revisions later, after we email the pdf to the customer, we're CC'd on the reply and see that it was actually the salesguy who thought up the changes and the customer just wants to change one price from last week's ad.


            ok, 14 hr work day today, not too bad for press night... i'm outta here!


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              yeeah! the clorox soaker!!

              That mouse reminds me for some reason of the old Nintendo blaster pistol, in a wierd way. maybe its the cord being attached to the base(mouse/handle).
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                Funny; aversion to Powerpoint seem nearly universal among graphic designers. Frankly, the reasons for that escape me somewhat. It's really just another piece of software.

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                Personally, I refuse to work with PowerPoint by feigning ignorance and bafflement as to how it works. There's no piece of mainstream software I've ever run across that I despise more than PowerPoint....
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                How's that? Powerpoint isn't closed to "zing" any more than any other software. In fact, it's an excellent tool for its purpose.

                Not sure I understand that last question,...
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