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    Lol @ Seamas.
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  • seamas
    Comment on Canvas
    Is that your personal experience?
    Yesterday, 11:41 PM
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  • Another marketing piece

    A while ago, I posted this thread which showed this crazy marketing piece someone sent me:

    And today I got another package from them that contained all sortsa promo crap. My fav is the toothpick dispenser... or the bottle opener...

    But come on!
    Ive never been their customer! What a waste of money!

    People who live in glass houses sink ships.

  • #2
    Looks like the CEO or Marketing Director is trying REALLY hard to get some business. I wish I was sent little packages like this. We'd have a field day with it. I have to say, that toothpick dispenser is a one-of-a-kind. Impressive.

    "I'll take 'What Do Rednecks Carry' for a thousand, Alex."

    Great stuff!!


    • #3
      Seriously, what is all of this? Your right, what a waste of money. Maybe they have your company confused with someone else's.

      Dibs on the floating keychain!!

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      1. An American "nick" name for me to use on the GDF.
      2. Designer, Developer, Carpenter, Painter, Sexy... just plain sexy.
      3. One that does not like green eggs and ham. Seriously, I have very strict breakfast rules.
      For more on CNIC, see the unabridged collegiate dictionary. Or call the President.


      • #4
        i got some nice pens out of it tho...

        People who live in glass houses sink ships.


        • #5
          your latest package looks like a package from a promotions vendor. basically they can put your logo on anything. I have a guy who goes a step further and drops by with the useless crap. Though every once in a while these can serve a good purpose (like when you get lanyards with your company name and web address and they are handed out to everyone at a technology conference because their name tags are attached)
          You see, whenever I start feeling sick, I just stop being sick and be awesome instead. True story.


          • #6
            we already have a buncha promo crap. Our customers visit us a lot to check up and we give em junk with our name on it. This company is a full out marketing company.

            People who live in glass houses sink ships.


            • #7
              I'll take the golf tees and divot tools.

              This stuff looks as bad as what our company used to send out. But there is a new Sherif in town now, and I'm cleaning up this operation.

              on a less related matter:

              I had an idea for an HVAC company that sells water purification equipment to get some custom labels for bottled water and give out free bottled water to customers when they go on a job, and as other promotional offers, etc. Think thats a good idea?
              Last edited by CamDesign; 09-14-2006, 11:09 PM.
              "To be is to do" --Socrates.
              "To do is to be" --Jean-Paul Sartre.
              "Do be do be do" --Frank Sinatra



              • #8
                Actually the stuff they sent you probably cost them nothing except shipping. I have a friend that sells promotional items and the wholesale promotional printers give that stuff away for free - all you have to do is ask. There was a promo show in Milwaukee today, a lot of attendees there bring rolling suitcases and fill them up with all of the *CPS and catalogs that they can get their hands on. If you are really charming you can get some pretty good stuff for free like flash drives, zippos, and pocket knives.

                *CPS = Cheap Plastic Shit

                Originally posted by CamarotaDesign
                I had an idea for an HVAC company that sells water purification equipment to get some custom labels for bottled water and give out free bottled water to customers when they go on a job, and as other promotional offers, etc. Think thats a good idea?
                I think it is, you can actually order bottled water (or energy drinks) with specialty labels directly from a promo vendor.
                Last edited by MD; 09-14-2006, 11:45 PM.
                Some advice is profound, some is clever. The above post is a good example of both.


                • #9
                  Yeah, that sample stuff is usually either overuns or misprints. As MD said, it probably only cost them shipping.

                  We call CPS swag.


                  • #10
                    I hate that stuff (CPS, nice MD) and try to steer my clients away from it altogether.

                    I try to keep promotional items to things people will use (ie. mugs, pens, etc). I don't even really like that stuff much.
                    *insert inane quote here*


                    • #11
                      I know someone that is in promotional materials and at the end of runs there are always misprints, extras, and mistakes. I'm sure they have no problem shipping out the stuff to get noticed. Its a shame they didn't print anything on the t-shirt or baby their company name or something. I guess the baby shoes could replace your fuzzy dice. LOL.
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