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  • thinking design about triangles

    Inside and Outside from our homes and places we go and everyday items we see. I was thinking about the shape of the triangle and how they suggest action. They are dynamic. Triangles may convey either conflict or strength. Triangles can direct movement (up, down, left, right depending on which way they 'point') but rather than moving themselves, they point the way for the reader. I was wondering how one could advertise the importance of a triangle in our daily lives? I have been stuck thinking of a concept and could use some suggestions on how i could make an ad about triangles. thanks for reading.

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    I, too, am a lover of triangles. Here are two photographs that I have taken that have strong triangles, either directly or implied. My avatar is my son at 3 years old placed inside of the first photograph (a 7 foot tall kaleidoscope I made). I guess it is really triangular in nature, too. I can't help you with your assignment, but I do appreciate enthusiasm for triangles!!

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      It's obviously a case of a 'love triangle'. (You might want to have some for that).

      Another approach might be to recognize, in your ad, the role that triangulation plays in so much or our modern technology. They're fundamental to technical fun and function. Everything from GIS to 3D imaging (every vid game and medical 3D imaging system uses them). And what's weird is that these 'virtual' triangles are calculated in the gazillions, every second, everywhere--and we don't even see them; at least not as triangles, per se. How about a memorial statue to the 'Unknown Triangle'?

      And, if you're looking for further triangular creativity-- I'd head to 123 Sesame Street. The creatives there have looked at and celebrated the triangular in some truly innovative and fun ways for generations now.


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        Inspirational Subject!

        How about the role of triangles in the golden section. You can create a golden rectangle from an isosceles triangle. And golden ratio proportions are important if not the most important design elements in nature, including sequences and design characteristics in music, art, writing, human proportions, animal proportions.... even the DNA helix structure corrosponds to a Golden Spiral.... That is something to Ponder!

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          Besides a triangle is just a couple of curves from being a swoosh


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            thanks you all for your incite and also cornfed those are some fantastic pictures and the son avatar was unique. i was thinking about doing something like i would have a mom,dad and a kid each on one point like the mom on the left bottom area the father on the right and the kid on the top. which forms a triangle. what i was goin to do was show the importance of having a supporting family which can form the shape of the triangle. how a triangle provides balance. maybe in the triangle i could put some words that describe ways a father and a mom can help a kid grow like being a role model, giving a kid direction and guidance, etc. and im not sure if i would include this part this could be more of supporting info like to defend my design but i could say the triangle is te balance which is the supporting foundation for whatever shape it forms. without triangles there is no circles, no stars, no squares. there are so many things inspired by the triangle that a lot of things wouldn't probably exist.let me know if this is a dumb idea or if it makes sense. i appreciate everyones input.
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              interesting link....

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                Thanks for the feedback. That all makes a lot of sense. I'll take these points and re-work things....
                Yesterday, 04:06 PM
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