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Working with bitmap in CorelDraw

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  • Working with bitmap in CorelDraw

    Hi everyone!
    I have 100G HDD, 1G RAM sony laptop but most times working with bitmap in coreldraw, resaving becomes a problem. It tells me, "error, temp is full". I made the attempt empting the windows temp folder but no improvement. I'm not sure whether the problem is my system or coreldraw.
    Any help or ideas will be appreciated. Thanx
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    What exactly do you want to do with a bitmap in a vector drawing program?
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      You set the temporary directory for Corel in the Customization area. Check to see that this is a directory on a drive that can swing the file. Corel temp files can get monstrous quite quickly--especially if you work with the default undos and a lot of bitmap action. Most people lower this setting. Also, if you haven't defragged the drive in a while, that might be worth looking into.






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