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Error opening EPS file in Illustrator CS2

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  • Error opening EPS file in Illustrator CS2

    Hey, I am having a hell of a time with this new version of Illustrator. I had just finished updating an .AI file I had been working on, and I saved it to my desktop. I then go to re open it an hour later, and it wont open and says an unknown error has ocurred. The preview window shows the file, and it will start to load, then at like 89% it stops and gives the error window.

    I can open the file in Photoshop fine, so i assume that the file is ok?

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    Can you open it in Acrobat?
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      yeah perfectly. I can even place it into a new project. but i click edit original and it has the same hangup...


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        Try making a duplicate, renaming it and then open?

        I generally try to "trick" it into thinking it's a new file...
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          Originally posted by designatedmedia
          yeah perfectly. I can even place it into a new project. but i click edit original and it has the same hangup...
          Maybe save the version you open in Acrobat as a PDF, and then open that in Illy?
          "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" - Ricky Ricardo


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            still a no go. didnt work when I renamed, and still gave me the same error when I tried to open up the new saved pdf file...


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              What happens if you try to export it as an EPS out of Acrobat? Not save the Acrobat file and open that up in Illustrator, but somehow maybe force it to rewrite the EPS code out of Acrobat?
              "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" - Ricky Ricardo


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                Does this happen to all files or just large ones or just this one?

                IE; if it is repeating the problem, reinstall the software.

                IF not, then it may have been one "bit" glitch in saving that caused the error. Illy might be reading up to that point and doesn't know what to do with an odd data character where as the other programs can interpret or ignore that odd bit and still open.

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                  just a thought.. are you trying to "Place" it into an open Illustrator doc, or open it? Try placing it (if you are trying to open it (or visa-vera).

                  Also try having the image open in photoshop, then have illustrator open also (both screen reduced so they display on your screen side by side), and drag the image from photoshop to illustrator screen.
                  Hope that helps


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                    It has happened a few times to me in the last few weeks. It is mostly with big files. This one is over 50 MB. When I am working in the file, I often get a message saying can't move object, not enough memory. I have 1 gig of memory, and when I'm working on this file, it's sluggish and delayed. I am going to try and re install Illustrator, but I have tried it on 3 different systems, and I get the same error...


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                      Are you linking or embedding the placed image? If linking, hide the image and try to open the file. Sounds like an imported image may be the problem.
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                        ok I tried embedding the .AI file in a new file and it says there isn't enough memory?!? I have more than enough free memory and space on my hard drives.....

                        Here's another thing, The .AI file is all vector except for a jpg that i had put on it as a logo. I saved it with that logo not being present because I hit ignore image file missing link when I opened the .AI file. could that have screwed this up? Is there any other program that I can get that will open and let me edit all the layers in my . AI file?


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                          mayb try opening it in acrobat and saving it as a postscript file distill it then open it in illustrator. hope this helps






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