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  • Stroking paths with brushes - is precision possible?

    (Photoshop CS2)

    Let's say I've created a single flower petal brush, and I want to stroke an ellipse path with it. My goal is to create a nice looking flower, but the last petal keeps overlapping the first. I've attached a very crude example to demonstrate.

    In the brush palette, I've adjusted the spacing to 100%. What I need to know, is if there's a way to stop the stroke before it overlaps EVERY time. I plan to make other petal brushes, and I'd like to discover a universal solution for this.

    If anyone can suggest a better method, please fill me in! =D
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  • #2
    Have you tried adjusting the spacing tighter or looser for the petals to fit more snug or to allow the last petal to "vanish"

    Why not just make a flower and use that as a brush or something like that with various sizes in teh brush palette?
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      I would say you're using the wrong program and technique for what you're trying to do. This would be much better accomplished in Illustrator, using a myriad of methods from the blend tool to the rotate tool.

      Why do you want to create individual petal brushes in Photoshop? As BJ put it, it would make more sense to make the complete flower a brush in Photoshop - otherwise, use Illy to do what you're looking at here.
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      • #4
        oh man. i saw the checkerboard but didn't think about it being photoshop either. I agree with the Illsutrator route but most things done in illustrator can be somewhat done in photoshop, albeit not as crisp and clean.
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        • #5
          Yep. AI, blend group along a path, from one copy right on top of the other.


          • #6
            Unfortunately I don't *have* Illustrator. Trust ne, it's on the top of my shopping list, but the budget simply doesn't allow for it ATM.

            Yes, I have tried tweaking the spacing, and can (kinda) get it to work, but what I'm looking for is a setting that will work for any petal I create.

            I'm creating these individual petals in PS for distribution to a large audience of PS and PSE users. I understand that it would be easier to just make a bunch of flowers manually, but I have bigger plans for the individual petals.

            I was planning to release them with a tutorial ... perhaps I should instruct people to just mess around with the brush settings? I wish I were able to provide folks with more precise instructions, kwim?


            • #7
              You can download a free trial version of Illustrator (good for 30days) fyi
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              • #8
                PS doesn't offer some of the more precise alignment and spacing controls that Illy does. So try the demo version, and maybe bump it up a notch on your shopping list. Just sayin'. Yaarrrr!
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                • #9
                  This is really a job for illustrator. I think that trying to do this in photoshop will make the baby jesus cry...


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