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    Just yesterday I saw a News story about the people who walk around Times Square in costume trying to get $$$ for posing with tourists for photos.
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    Completely agree.

    "My Introduction" is a grade school heading, after seeing that my first inclination is to hit the back button.
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    Another masterpiece LOL

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    So she has an idea, but hasn't followed through on any of it... I wouldn't bother trying to dance around it. Be upfront about it or tell her you have a new policy where you need to be paid on delivery...
    Today, 01:42 PM
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  • recommendation for an A2 printer

    hello forum,

    can anyone recommend a good A2 printer? for home use. printing posters and stuff...

    I'm on a bit of a budget. 300 mark... can anyone suggest anything?

    many thanks

  • #2
    sadly not really gonna happen unless you ebay it.

    The epson stylus 1520 was good enough back in the day, but you'd be hard pressed to get the inks for them now, although they're the most likely to come up in the price you're looking for.

    Do you mean for printing posters for commercial purposes or just sticking on your own walls. There's no way you could get a printer for 300 which would provide you with near enough quality/stock/resolution/ink/archival quality to do this. The closest is about 900, one of the HP Designjet series, or the epson 4000.


    • #3
      I've got a 1520 that was bequeathed to me, as yet I haven't had a problem getting ink but the latest has been since I upgraded from OS9 to tiger and the problems with parallel port to usb connection and getting the driver. Also it doesn't print to the edges so even an A2 poster wouldn't fit. I used to print A3 on B3 paper but it does banner print. Compared to the print quality of the smaller printers nowadays it doesn't hold a candle.


      • #4
        hi, thanks for the replies.

        Yea I thought it might be a bit tough finding something at that price.

        I need to print posters for concert/party posters..etc.. The quality doesn't have to be PERFECT - i'm not a professional.

        I thought it might be cheaper to buy my own printer rather than paying a professional printers to do it. I made some enquires and they're all asking around 15+ each for an A2 poster. That seems likes too much. I dunno. If I wanna get them done for cheaper, i'll have to order a minimum of 200..etc.. which I don't really want to do. I don't need that many.

        I dunno what to do really. Can any one recommend some reasonably priced printing places in the U.K that do this kind of thing?


        • #5
          Hi... many are you looking for?... if its just a few you need you will need to pay a bit for them but you'll probably be better off using a Photo Service to do them... they seem reasonably priced for posters and the quality is perfect...

          here try

          their posters are as follows;
          17.5" x 11.75" = 3.49
          23.5" x 15.5" = 4.19
          29.25" x 19.5" = 4.89

          If you ask me thats a great price for a poster printed on PhotoQuality paper, and it'll come out Super Glossy!

          Or if you prefer Matt Prints at that size or there around try

          their A2 posters in either Gloss or Matt are 13.99 each, but if you order more than 5 of the same poster they go down to 9.99 each...

          What do you think?


          • #6
            thanks JP!

            That place looks pretty good! I think i'll go ahead and get something printed by them. Have you used them before? Are they any good?

            I'm looking to print in patches of 20-30. I'll order 1 from these guys and see how good they are..


            • #7
              Hi... yeah they are pretty good, as long as you use High Res JPEG's for your work with them it'll be fine... quality is excellent with them.



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