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what creates this technique?

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  • what creates this technique? ( look under his personal work)

    what program is generally used for this sparkle technique? i would love to start trying to create landscapes in my own personal work with something along these lines. any ideas?

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    Do you mean the perslake.jpg image? It's very pretty

    The white dots you can draw - just white brush easy. Make sure you have a furry edged one. You can do stars in a night sky with this technique too. Just vary the size and opacity.

    Rainbow - there might be some kind of pattern you can borrow, but I can't imagine it would be too hard to paint on and play around with the transparency etc...

    All in photoshop of course.
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      Originally posted by budafist
      Make sure you have a furry edged one.
      I love this as a description for a soft brush, Buda.
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        thanks ill give the m a shot.!






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