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    So, I've managed to get a review finally with my boss. She said she'd have "to check" to see what she could give me as a raise, which I believe it to be her way of ducking out of a raise all together.

    I'm in quite the situation which I take complete blame for. However, is there anywhere in the US that is particularly booming for graphic designers... with about a year's experience? If any of you have any imput. I'm extremely broke...almost literally... and am trying to figure out what to do... the job market around Savannah, GA isn't real good.

    Any recommendations or have any of your heard anything? Any response on places are greatly appreciated!!!

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    You'd have to give us some more info on your niche. Are you an overall designer who can do everything? Some designers are strictly print, or web, or marketing... it all depends on the company and the area. I came from western NY where the jobs were great depending on what you did. The is web design, commercial printing and the like. Now that I am in SoCal it's very different. I am not doing any of that any more. I am doing much less for a lot more money. Yes, the cost of living can be a little bit higher and the traffic is horrible, but the weather is great and I now live 5 miles from the beach. Not too bad if you ask me.


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      I'm mainly a print designer. I have a drawing minor which I would love to utilize in my career, but I really don't know where I could go with it. I am interested in getting into multimedia and web design however I don't have much experience in it at all and don't have $$ to purchase the software.

      Currently, I'm just outside of Savannah and commuting to Hilton Head, SC which is about 1 1/2 hours... I need to live somewhere close to my job and make money. If I could have it my way, I'd love to make money drawing, but if I'm going to go that route, I guess I'd better build the drawing portfolio.

      I guess since I'm a recent grad (lil over a year ago) I still am not sure where I'd like to be. The parents are pushing me to go back to MN (which I do love it there) but then I've been thinking of Charleston, SC. I'm not sure if I want to move north yet...I'm still enjoying the south...

      Does that give you any idea?


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        Surely. I am samiliar with the Savannah region and the Hilton Head commute. Some of my friends went to school there and I know it's a bear.

        My advice is to find a door to get your foot into. I was out of college and mixing paint when I got a job as a designer for a newspaper. A year later I was building websites. I didn't have experience in either one. After the websites I got into print and loved it. Then I moved out to California and did a few different design jobs. I may not be doing exactly what I want right now, but it's always open.

        Ask around in your area. If you like the south maybe try another city like Atlanta or head further west. It all depends on your tolerance and liking. I was fortunate to land a job in SoCal where my commute is 20 min. It's close to home and I don't go too stir crazy in traffic each day.

        I know there is a listing online someplace of design hotspots around. Not sure where it is though. Maybe someone can help me out with it. As far as being in print, do you work for a commercial printer or for a place where you do the print jobs in house? I loved working for a printer in the pre-press dept. I didn't get to be AS create as I wanted, but the place was amazing.


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          We do both. We do some buyouts but for the most part we do in-house printing. I am a prepress tech/graphic designer. I don't mind the "job" itself... I have a hard hard time with the people and they are franchised so there is a corporate company behind it, but she seems to not value me at all b/c there has been no raise in the past 15 months.


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            Gotcha. With your experience you may want to try a commercial print company that 'works for the people.' That way they aren't pushed by corporate. A good printer will value your knowledge and definitely give you a raise WELL before 15 months. Wow. Do you do direct-to-plate? If you have expereince in film that would help, too. The company I was at did Flexo, Screen and digital printing and anyone off the street could come in with a project. We did mass quantities, too. I loved the company so you can definitely find a good one if you look. Network some with your local designers and such and keep plugging away on here.

            Good luck!


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              Thank you...yes I do have experience direct-to-plate. I appreciate your imput. I wish more people on here could give me a lil imput as well, but you've been fabulous. Thank you.


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                Tessabell - Is the problem that there are no other jobs in the geographic location where you work? I see job posting all over (I live in the midwest) for graphic design positions. I guess it just depends on what it is you want. Could you just look at job posting on the internet. If you are willing to go anywhere, it seems that you should be able to find something. Or, maybe if you don't mind your job, you should just stay put for a little while and get some more experience and then you could be more picky about where you go. Hopefully your boss will surprise you and give you the raise you deserve!


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                  There's a ton of graphic design positions in the Washington DC-Virginia and maryland suburbs.


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                    I am on the IA/IL border and the jobs scene is about average I would guess. We have a large Newspaper, several large printing companies and colleges that I see hiring every couple months. Depends on what your after. I landed a sweet job at our local United Way. The pay is not great but not bad either. The hours are amazing and they take care of me. Check out the non-profit sector - very relaxed environment.

                    I have heard from several people that Dallas TX area is pcik and choose you job. Not sure if that is true but I do see alot of jobs from that area coming here? Chicago is another good place if you can stand the big city life.
                    neat huh?






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