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  • Great Graphic Design Fonts

    Can someone recommend some professional fonts - mainly heading fonts, perhaps a body font or two eg Futura Medium Condensed is one i love.

    Magazines use great fonts, if you know any they use can you let me know??

    Thanks in advance, really appreciate any help.
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    It all depends on what you need the font for. Here is a list of my favorite fonts, for different applications:

    Heading font, magazine cover: Comic Sans
    Stylish heading font, brochures: Comic Sans
    Body copy, editorial: Comic Sans
    Heading font, poster: Comic Sans
    Body copy, brochure: Comic Sans
    Website, buttons: Comic Sans
    Website, body copy: Comic Sans
    Website, heading text: Comic Sans
    Display ad, newspaper, heading text: Comic Sans
    Display ad, newspaper, body text: Comic Sans
    Classified ad: Comic Sans
    Book cover, title: Comic Sans
    Billboard: Comic Sans
    Logo, company name: Comic Sans
    Ned Yeung, A.C.E.


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      LOL! Imagine it...the Bible or Declaration of Independence....IN COMIC SANS! I think the best fonts are ones that suit your material. I'm assuming you are new to graphic design and just figuring out fonts and other things. My suggestion is to research about the types of fonts rather than asking for a list of them.

      Each type has different uses. You also have to consider how readable each font is for it's use.

      I think it would do you the most help if you read about fonts rather than just had a list of them. Check out this article on using fonts for the web.

      Futura Medium Condensed is a sans serif font that is condensed (thinner letters, smaller kerning). This font is good for block text and titles. There are many fonts similar to this, but I suggest you start to work with fonts outside of your comfort zone. Designers usually have about 5 fonts they often use because of their effectiveness, but as most will attest to, different jobs call for different kinds of type.
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        oh goodnesss Ned be careful of newbies, they might think you are serious....

        It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" Winnie the Pooh


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          Fonts are contextual, you need to evaluate the situation you're using them in and go from there.

          Ned, you are so f***king funny.
          "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" - Ricky Ricardo


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            You have to admit, Urst... It sure makes life a whole lot easier to have just one perfect, all-round usable font, for any occassion. Y'know, like Comic Sans...
            Ned Yeung, A.C.E.


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              I think I woulda picked a different font though, Ned.

              Oooh, new thread, or a hijack of this one! If you were on a desert island, and could only take 5 fonts, which ones would they be?

              For me:

              For serif body copy (under 12 point): Sabon with Oldstyle Figures
              For san serif body copy under 12 point: Helvetica Neue
              For serif headline size (above 18 point): Cochin
              For san serif headline size (above 18 point): non-ITC Kabel
              For stylized headline style: Avant Garde with the alternate characters
              "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" - Ricky Ricardo


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                Originally posted by Remstah
                The Futura family is a fave of mine for the reports too.
                Purity and simplicity... and ubuntu.

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                  Futura is nice, but it's so "done". It's gone through its trends, and granted, you can't deny the classics. But um, I dunno, I'm ready for a new sans-serif headline font.
                  "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" - Ricky Ricardo


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                    Originally posted by SurfPark
                    LOL! Imagine it...the Bible or Declaration of Independence....IN COMIC SANS! I think the best fonts are ones that suit your material.
                    I have just applied for a Design Assistants post advertised in the local press at a photographers that do nationwide school photos. The ad was all laid out in comic sans... I must say I wonder at the wisdom of applying.


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                      I prefer to write with crayons, scan it in and use that for text on occasion.


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                        Buahahaha!! Ned, your post is killing me this morning! I needed that today. That should have been the wording on that B.C. comic... "Here lies the remains of Comic Sans"


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                          Originally posted by SharkFinStudios
                          Buahahaha!! Ned, your post is killing me this morning!
                          You see what you miss when you don't stay on the forum all night long?
                          Ned Yeung, A.C.E.






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