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  • Macbook VS. Macbook Pro

    How much (Design wise) will I be sacrificing by going with the Macbook rather than the Macbook Pro? Is it worth the extra 5-600 bucks? I'm going into a graphic design program and thats what it'll primarily be used for.
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    Have you compared the specs of each machine?

    I would suggest starting with the macbook. Seriously. Unless you absolutely need to have the pro for some reason, the macbook is cheaper, still a mac, and will do everything you need.

    So, what exactly do you need?

    Are you going to be editing massive video projects? Doing page layouts and print design? Web development and programming?


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      I bought a macbook pro, photoshop isnt what it can be right now on intel macs, but once cs3 comes, it should be great with universal binary.. The macbok will definately do, however I would suggest upgrading to atleast a gig of ram or buying some at: , or maybe wait until apple puts the new memrom's in there laptops.


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        Oh yeah, you have to slam as much ram into that book as possible.


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          I think the money you invest in the Pro will pay off when Adobe comes out with CS3, but that's still just a perk, not a necessity. If you're mostly running Adobe software and doing email and messaging, then you'll be fine with a Macbook out of the box. Extra ram never hurts no matter which option you choose.
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            I was looking at macbooks and macbook pros at compUSA today and I would take the pro simply for the screen real estate. Not to mention that the keyboard on the macbook is really weird, and spaced kinda funky. If the 13" screen is good enough for you, or you plan on connecting to a larger screen at home, I would suggest the macbook. Otherwise, the 15" pro would be my choice.


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              Macbook + RAM it is, thanks everyone...
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                If the Macbook keyboards are similar to the iBook keyboards, you might also want to invest in some type of keyboard shield/cover. The keys on the iBook used to fly off and are really hard to put back on. I don't know if the Macbook is any sturdier in that regard. Then again, I tend to pound on keyboards pretty hard, and the way they're secured to laptops is often not sturdy enough for me.
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                  I have the basic white 1.83Ghz Macbook and I'm very very impressed. It's fast, reliable and splendid. Plus it's white. Shiny! I have 1Gb of RAM but I am planning to boost that to 2Gb when funds permit.

                  I just couldn't justify the extra cash on the Pro, when it wouldn't make a massive difference to my work. I don't do much 3D. In fact the only 3D package I use is Second Life and even that runs nicely.

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                    Originally posted by macJr
                    however I would suggest upgrading to atleast a gig of ram or buying some at: , or maybe wait until apple puts the new memrom's in there laptops.
                    only buy memory from apple themselves (which is too expensive) or from - it's the only non direct apple memory that won't void your warranty.
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