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  • My new website for portfolio

    I have recently designed a personal website containing my porfolio, if you guys have free time please take a look and give me any feed back thank you,

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    looks nice but I dont like how your work fades while Im trying to look at it

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      I am finding the white on sky blue text very hard to read.
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        looks good man, I find it best to only load a link when there is something to see. There was a 'coming soon' link on yours that was distracting.

        There also seems to be no real reason for it to be made in flash. Everything you have done there, can be in html, and allowed to be cached by search engines, and seen on all computers, though most have flash, some don't.


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          Originally posted by Danger_Mouse
          I am finding the white on sky blue text very hard to read.


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            Originally posted by Jackimalyn
            I dont like how your work fades while Im trying to look at it
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              Originally posted by Jackimalyn
              looks nice but I dont like how your work fades while Im trying to look at it
              I am upset with this fact!...I agree with the lady!
              N.A.N.K.A. "We Kick Because We Care."

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                Yeah the work fading within 3 seconds is annoying but what I saw of it, here's my critique. Some of the illustrations were cool however the type needed a lot of help. Everything thing looked like it was Helvetica and not even kerned or set at the right point sizes. It was boring. One thing I that I've learned over the past few years about text for it to be "asthetically" pleasing to the eye, is to make more contrast between copy. Like set headlines as large and you can and sub headlines significantly smaller, less than half the size and maybe even reduce the "boldness". It looked like all the same type face which is fine but there was not enough contrast and there was the bad tracking between it all. The more contrast between elements the better in terms of typography. Not always the case but a good rule to go by when in doubt.


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                  Hi. Your work looks nice. I have just a few comments though.. I completely agree that the white type on the sky blue isnt working, I had to strain my eyes to read it... also, please lose the fade or give it much much longer, the types of people you will have looking at this(prospective clients or employers) are going to want to really look at your work, not just see a glimpse..

                  There are some typographical errors in the profile section. They are as follows:

                  1. "...efficiently, and most importantly" ("I" needs to be lower case)

                  2. " I have acheived this through..." (need to add the "r")

                  3. "...get great satisfaction by compliments given..." (doesnt grammitically make sense the way you have it)

                  4. " I am compatable..." (just doesnt work right, find a different word other than compatable, maybe like comfortable)

                  5. "...PC and Mac and use of(lose "of") various software.(period) These include: ....(then list)

                  I would also refrain from listing high school, and that you made C's..

                  ...hope this helps, good luck with the new business, may it live long and prosper.
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                    thank tou guy's for takin your time looking at my site and giving your feed back. I have noted the issues people am across while visiting the site and i will be updating the site very soon. thank you agian






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