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  • Casseopia
    Reply to Creative Suite and upgrading
    Hahahaha - OK I feel better now, thanks.

    Yeah - I think I will take the risk on Creative Cloud, based on the overall advice. I'm going to download the free trial and make sure the files work,...
    Today, 07:25 PM
  • kemingMatters
    Reply to Freelance Advice - Family Conflict
    Just tell them that you'll get to [project they want for free/next to free] when you can afford the time to do it.

    It's not saying no, it just saying my time is valuable and finite, so...
    Today, 07:23 PM
  • seamas
    Reply to Weight loss service design.
    Yeah, it looks more design-y fashion-y, but with kind of a late 70s disco chic thing going on.

    I think weight loss branding generally wants something more friendly, honest and not...
    Today, 07:12 PM
  • mikhende
    Reply to Easiest way to block out text from image?
    I am thinking about that, I think the best option is to blank out the last name and house number?
    Today, 07:07 PM
  • <b>
    Reply to Please help with company logo
    Your first post said that you wanted a simple, flat design, yet you've created something with a 3D look that's quite complicated.

    Cosmo gave you some great advice that I completely agree...
    Today, 06:54 PM
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  • Ok ok I give, whats the deal with Comic Sans?

    All right everyone, I know I'm the new guy around here and all. But there seems to be so much hatred towards Comic Sans. So I'm just gonna bite the bullet and ask the nOOb question.

    Why are we all hating on this font so much?

  • #2
    I don't hate it. I'm Comic Sans only friend. lol
    Why are we all hating on this font so much?
    Because it is WAY too often misused...usually by do it yourself "graphic artists".
    "You're just jealous because YOUR hat doesn't have a clock in it!"


    • #3
      Because it is the most common inappropriatly used font. Many people (non-designers we hope) think it is cute and use it where "cute" won't fly. Like legal documents.
      Light a man a fire and he will be warm for a short while. Light a man afire and he will be warm for the rest of his life.


      • #4
        It's a font that is used WAY too much because it's so readily available - and it's usually used very poorly by people who don't have an understanding of basic design or typography principles.

        Ban Comic Sans

        - J.
        Jeff Fisher | Engineer of Creative Identity
        Jeff Fisher LogoMotives | Twoot! Twoot!


        • #5
          Just for mentioning the name you get 20 lashes with a wet noodle.
          How about a chain pickerel in your bath tub?


          • #6
            aww come on whats wrong with comic sans????

            hahahaha just kidding with you all, i would say just overuse
            Check it out, TALKDELAWARE.COM


            • #7
              I have to agree. C**** S*** is used so often in porfessional documents. It looks terrible.

              If only I could get the same disgust toward Papyrus. blah. everywhere...

              People who live in glass houses sink ships.


              • #8
                If comic sans's main detriment is its over use and abuse, then isn't myriad and minion well on its way to joining comic sans in the frozen lake at the bottom of hell, rubbing elbows with Caesar, Hitler and the spirit of the Republican party? Shouldn't we be burning ligatures in Helvetica's yard too?
                . . . in bed


                You can fry an egg on the devil's hiney, but it ain't never gonna come out sunny-side up, A-men!


                • #9
                  Because it's complete trash. Look at how inconsistent the lettertypes are. It's hard on the eyes.


                  • #10

                    People who live in glass houses sink ships.


                    • #11

                      That's why.
                      I will grow old but I will never grow up.


                      • #12
                        N.A.N.K.A."We Kick Because We Care."

                        ERiC's DESiGN HOUSE - (check me out)

                        Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.
                        -Charles Eames


                        • #13
                          Thankfully Papyrus is on that list - I think it's the new Comic Sans.

                          - J.
                          Jeff Fisher | Engineer of Creative Identity
                          Jeff Fisher LogoMotives | Twoot! Twoot!


                          • #14
                            I see university roman or something like that...Occidental used in signage all over the place here. Mostly for these gated communities, various businesses, etc...Anybody else see this?
                            Last edited by Brie; 07-19-2008, 12:20 AM.
                            “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level we created them.” Albert Einstein


                            • #15
                              I like this thread. I don't use comic sans, papyrus, myriad or minion.

                              I like University Roman though. I don't use it often, so no problem. I particularly like it's "&" which maybe why it is overused...
                              It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" – Winnie the Pooh


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