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  • Which software use ".Path"

    Greeting everyone, I am new here, I will like to know if anyone can help to identify in which software it use .path to save documents. I am using a Mac computer. Which sofware I need to open this file?

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    google is your friend... search:

    .path file extension

    that should let you know

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    • #3
      I tried to google it and failed.


      • #4
        Does it load into a text editor? My guess is that it's a misnamed postcript or AI file that got lost somewhere between platform transfers.


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          What were you expecting the file to be? Was it sent to you? Can you ask the person who sent it to you how it was created?

          Sometimes opening up an unknown file in Microsoft Word will give you clues as to the program that created it. It would appear somewhere near the top of the file. I've used this quite a few times on mystery files with a pretty good success rate.

          Edit: oops, kinda echoed Broacher with my suggestion.
          "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" - Ricky Ricardo


          • #6
            I have a previewer on my file manager that lets me read the actual hex of a file as an option. Usually the file format info is in the first (or last) couple of kilobytes of a file.

            Sidenote: CorelDraw is the only 'main' graphic program I know of that peeks into a file's header for filetype. In fact, it uses this info first, over the registered extension info. Handy enough to make you wonder why it's the only app that does this.


            • #7
              Corel is alot smarter than most folks give it credit for.
              It also copies full res to the clipboard from Powerpoint. Not just the scaled screen view. As for .PATH..... fugetaboutit. No such beast in the graphics bidness.
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              It's about the design of the world.
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              • #8
                Yeah, probably someone was using an unconventional naming convention.


                • #9
                  Someone trying to name the file themselves? Over the years I've have indeed gotten more than a couple .quark and .picture files
                  It's not about the world of design.
                  It's about the design of the world.
                  Massive Change


                  • #10

                    I just think I d not have the application because I try with all application I have, but don't open. I think I will try the printers. Thanks all of you, I just learn from all of you, a new thing! ( I cant ask who created, I am not authorized to do that)


                    • #11
                      I was thinking more along the lines of
                      image.path.b&w.text to describe a Grayscale Photoshop file with a clipping path and a text layer.
                      It's amazing how often I see things like that.
                      I especially like renamed fonts. Mmmm mmm.


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                        >>I cant ask who created, I am not authorized to do that<<

                        Yep. Design production on a 'need-to-know' basis. Fun, eh?


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                          Try opening the file in a text editor and read the header. This can be frequently handy.

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                          It's not about the world of design.
                          It's about the design of the world.
                          Massive Change


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                            Originally posted by Broacher
                            >>I cant ask who created, I am not authorized to do that<<

                            Yep. Design production on a 'need-to-know' basis. Fun, eh?
                            Or maybe don't ask, don't tell?
                            "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" - Ricky Ricardo


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