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How much is Advanced Photoshop Techniques Magazine in the USA?

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  • How much is Advanced Photoshop Techniques Magazine in the USA?

    Its from Imagine Publishing in the UK. I'm getting two back issues for $19 USD including shipping.

    How much do they go for off the shelf? They are very expensive off the UK website so this is a better deal but what if I find them in a store?

    I'm also looking for their new compilation "Advanced Photoshop Premium" which is 250 pages of their best tutorials.

    I was at their forum and someone said they may be at Barnes and Noble, but I didn't see them at ours last time I was there. (about 3 months ago)
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    you dont want to try online shopping? for instance amazon? its more convinient for me rather than going to the store... you should try it also
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      Amazon/ only have the yearly subscription available, which is $170 I don't want to spend that kind of money till I know its worth it.

      Actually, I think my local indy bookstore has it now. When I was riding by on my bike this morning I saw that they just upgraded their magazine rack and they carry a lot of stuff now.
      "To be is to do" --Socrates.
      "To do is to be" --Jean-Paul Sartre.
      "Do be do be do" --Frank Sinatra



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        I think a lot of the good UK design mags run around $15-17 on the rack in my local Barnes & Noble.


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          I just bought the Advanced Photoshop Premium collection for $30 at the local bookstore. My god was it worth it. BEST interviews, advice, tutorials I could have asked for.

          I think the regular mags go for $14-$16 at the book store.

          edit* It was at Barnes and Nobles






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