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Text Multi Stroke Problem

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  • Text Multi Stroke Problem


    Hello there

    Can someone explain to me how I get text to look stroked and then stroked again and again and again until all the words are surrounded by a band of colours but evenly ?

    Does that make sense and what software should I use?

    Hard to explain

    Thanks [img]/emoticons/ibf-iamstupid.gif[/img]

    Yikes Scoob, it's behind you!

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    well... in illustrator you could type your type
    copy and paste it in back... stroke it
    copy that, paste it in back... stroke it and turn the stroke weight up
    keep doing that and turn the stroke up the same amount of times and you'll get even bands
    best to group it all when your done, too!
    good luck

    I'm not a real graphic designer, but I do play one on tv


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      Thanks I'll give that a go

      Yikes Scoob, it's behind you!






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