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    Okay, so if I were wanting to just update my portfolio, but I've been working as a graphic designer in a corporate setting for 5 years, what should I include?

    I've read that I should have 10-15 pieces, and that they shouldn't be more than 3 years old. Problem is that most of the pieces we work on are monthly mailers that look pretty much the same with little individual creative input.

    In an interview setting, I could probably show a couple of those and explain the process and use them to show off some technical software skills, but I'd be lacking in one of the most important parts - creativity. I've got it, I just have no current pieces to show. And this is exactly why I need to update it!

    So the question is... what's the best way to get these new pieces to really show my creativity? Do I just create my own projects? Would that hold up in an interview? Any suggestions?

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    there's some excellent information in our frequently discussed topics thread, here:

    just scroll down to the section on portfolios.
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