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Book Cover Fonts...[& effects]

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  • Book Cover Fonts...[& effects]

    I am designing 3 book covers, and I need some ideas.

    1) I need a good font for a book that has "Marriage" in the title.

    2) I need a good font for a children's book.

    3) The third book will be black with red lettering. I like the font that I am using (Papyrus), but I want a better effect to make it pop (for lack of a better term). I don't know what I could do to make it stand out more.

    Any suggestions?
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    As for Papyrus, I don't like it. It's relatively played out.
    And for a children's book, please do not use Comic Sans.

    Bickham Script is one font that pops up in my head when I think of Marriage.


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      Having the word "Marriage" in a book title doesn't necessarily describe the book. Is the book about a happy, loving marriage? Or an abusive, unloving marriage? What demographic is it geared for? Young adult females? Middle-aged men? Seniors? Is it fiction or non-fiction? I'd rather see the style of a book cover (including the fonts used) reflect the overall feel of the story within, rather than just what the title might imply.

      Same goes for the children's book - I'm sure it will most likely be a happy story, but is it about animals? Sharing? Tolerance? Counting? For parents to read to their babies or toddlers? For kids just learning to read?

      Knowing what's in the book and who it's for is just as important, if not more, than the title itself.

      And I agree with fredrich, Papyrus is overused these days. It's pretty, but it's everywhere.
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        I am a noob, so I am definitely open to different ideas. Thank you guys! I agree with what you are saying Virgo, so I will try to explain.

        ROSE: This is a book will be geared towards young adult women. It is basically about a successful woman with regrets from her past, and she managed to overcome them. The cover will be dark (with other images to resemble a basement). I didn't know what font to use. Was looking for something strong, yet empowering.

        CHILDREN'S BOOK: Will be a book for kids 7 and up. It is a book about a boxer, and has a theme of working hard and never giving up.

        MARRIAGE: I like that Bickham Script. Thanks. I am also open to other ideas. To answer your question, it is a book about a married couple that puts up a facade that everything is ok, but they are growing apart. Reconciliation happens at the end. This again will be geared toward young adult to middle age couples


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          Well that changes things! "A children's book" is so vague, but a book about a boxer is more detailed. Try some sporty fonts like ******...
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            off the top of my head... Try Trajan for Rose. (I love trajans r).... and for the childrens book maybe play around with AdLib, and Cooperblack..


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              Being a designer, book cover artist or otherwise, requires the ability to select fonts that work within the overall design and intent of the piece. Being able to do this is part of the job description of Designer.

              Newbs do have to start somewhere. My suggestion would be to go to a local bookstore or library and actually look at the covers out there. See what sorts of fonts are used for certain types of books. See what effects (printing/embossing/diecuttting) are being used. Then go to sites like and familiarize yourself with the thousands of fonts that are out there by doing an overview of styles. Read some books on the uses of Typography.

              Please don't expect people to be able to guess what would be appropriate for a book cover without seeing the cover art and at the very least a full story synopsis that sets the tone of the book.

              I'm a firm believer in using a font that's appropriate, not following the trend of 'banning' a font for overuse. By that criteria alone, Times or Helvetica should never be used again. Finding something similar to Papyrus for Rose or any of the better looking comic-type fonts for the kid's book might actually be appropriate. But who's to say a kids book about a Boxer shouldn't be in a more active script like Undertow rather than ****** or Cooperblack. The book on Marriage could go in any direction from the scripts used for romance novels to the lettering style used for the Worldwide Wrestling Federation. If you get my drift.
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                Thank you so much. That was very helpful.






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