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    I'm studying creative imagery and as part of my dissertation I need some questionnaire filled in so I thought this would be the best place for it! Basically my dissertation is on pushing the boundaries in graphic design and looking at the factors that contribute to it such as typography and legibility, experimentation/mistakes and accidents in the design process and breaking the grid. The grid being the basic layout design.

    I would appreciate it if you could fill it in for me to include designers and student designers too!

    Thank you, here the link below to fill it in!

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    hello there

    Ive just filled out your questionnaire found it very interesting, this might sound silly but who is Churcher i haven't come across this name before?

    i was wondering if you could help me im starting my dissertation this year and i really want to do it on typography legibility but im not totally sure what to do it about, typography is such a vast subject. I like the idea of breaking the boundary, i love Carsons work and also the history of graphic design but im a little bit lost, if you can please help.

    Thank you very very much



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      Shouldn't the research be your job here, reilly? I believe you've posted/created some other threads with this purpose in mind, but it's really your job to do the research. We can help you by bouncing back ideas with you, but you really need to start this one off yourself.
      "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" - Ricky Ricardo


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        Im only asking for help


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          The guy posted that questionaire back in April and never came back. Bet the dissertation's done and he's off and graduated now.


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            Reilly- honestly, it sounds like you need to attach yourself like velcro to your faculty advisor. It's not only his/her job to help you work through it, but an advisor's career depends on successful candidates. Trust me, your advisor can give you more direction in an afternoon than you'll get in a month here.







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