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how's my cloning?

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  • how's my cloning?

    i needed this image to be 10x16 and it was only 10x14. i added canvas to the right side of the image and cloned away..

    how does it look?

    let me know if it is over worked or if there are major tell tale signs of cloning present. i would appreciate it much.

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    ah, already i notice the three branches on the far right right exactly mirroring the three branchs on the far left... i think i'll try to tweak that a little.
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      lol. thats what I was going to say. they aren't dissimiliar enough for me not to notice. theres also a very hard stop there where the other branch from the foreground had been. try blending modes to get it to fade better. or a feathered brush with the eraser tool. it woudlnt be as noticable if you hadn't continues the trees all the way to the top.
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        does this look any better? are you saying i should blend in the tops of the trees so they don't go all the way to the top?
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          a picture would help.. haha
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            I don't think a normal person would notice. Good job.
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              haha... i love it, "i don't think a <i>normal</i> person would notice"...

              it just makes me chuckle.

              thanks btw.
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                Well, we're not normal. We are pedantic perfectionist geeks. In the nicest possible way of course!
                It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" Winnie the Pooh


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                  yeah, i would definitely rather be un-normal.
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                    Yea this is definitely better! Good job!
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                      Looks good to me overall, although my eye goes back and forth between the two identical fallen logs on the corners of the horizon.

                      I cloned out the right side a little:


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                        It's still a mirror image. The leaf clump and the reversed 3 tree trunks are very evident. The fallen tree is also very evident. See the 5 easily spotted redundencies? It's not about what you removed, it's about what you've left behind.

                        Nothing in Nature is reverse and repeat. Don't expect a lay audience to accept this image as anything other than cloned. Non-designers are not as stupid as they lead you to believe they are.
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                          upon quick glance it looked good. i like the tweaks that Redcloud made with teh stick on the ground.
                          overall a good job.
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                            It's lazy.

                            Technically it may look ok as far as the stitching but if the intent was not to have it look like there are R&R elements then it is not good.

                            I'm serious. People are not as A.D.D. as you would hope in order to get away with this piece. Depending on your final use and if there are other elements covering what is repeated you may get away with it. If I was your AD, you wouldn't.


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                              I agree with Print Driver about the redundancies. I noticed them right away.

                              But man I love that image, real creepy feel to it,

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