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removing path components in PS

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  • removing path components in PS

    if i create a path, consisting of several path components, but then figure that i would want to remove a component... how would i accomplish this without deleting the whole entire path?

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    use the delete anchor point tool in the sub menu of the pen tool


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      okay so just delete the specific component path's anchor one by one then.


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        If you're on the pen tool, you can just hover over a point, and you'll see the delete tool pop up (the minus sign will appear next to the pen head cursor). You can also add points to a line by hovering over a line segment until the + sign appears.

        You can hold CTRL/CMD to access the last used selection tool. If this is the white arrow tool (you can cycle through the two on a Windows system by using CTRL-TAB), then you can select an individual point, and SHIFT select multiple points. You can then delete all the selected points by pressing backspace or delete.
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          You don't need to select each point one-by-one.

          Direct select tool (white pointer)- Alt-click, selects all points that are connected in a path line. Followed by: DEL






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