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    I will be doing the layout for a coffee table photo book. There will be about 70 photos about 7 x 10.5 supplied on disk. What is the best way to work with this while designing? Obviously if I link all the photos the file will be huge and take forever to load. I thought maybe I can do an action to reduce them all to low res images to place in the doc until it goes to print but this raises other issues such as the cllient being able to view the finished doc before print, and the time required to relink to the high res images. Anyone have experience and ideas on the best way to do handle this? Thanks.

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    just link them at the 300dpi cmyk tiff. i wouldn't work in low res and go back and do them in high res after the client approves it, thats just silly talk and working twice as much. why do you think your file will be so big? when i did magazine layouts, 80+ pages with very intense often times 300meg psd files linked to it and it never slowed down or got bogged down, and my ID files were usually around 1-1.5 gigs. make a low res pdf for the client to view the final doc before really is just that simple
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      If the files are LINKED, not EMBEDDED, it will not make a large file.

      (Particularily TIFFs. InDesign slows down with PSDs, Illy does not. TIFFs load fast all ways around.)
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        Unless you have a really really slow computer, I wouldn't worry about linking the original hi-res images. ID automatically uses a low-res preview in the layout onscreen (unless you have it set to show them at hi-res), so it's not like you're computer has to struggle with the large original images while you're working on the project. And like D-Frag (and you) point out, it would end up a waste of time. You'll spend more time replacing the images than you'll spend waiting for your computer.
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          Okay, that makes sense. Thanks!






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