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Removing red eye with PhotShop

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  • Removing red eye with PhotShop
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    That's quite a neat way of going about it, but these days, I'd probably just use the red eye removal tool

    (Though, judging by the screenshots, that was written for a version of photoshop long before the red eye removal tool was included.)


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      Originally posted by hewligan
      (Though, judging by the screenshots, that was written for a version of photoshop long before the red eye removal tool was included.)
      Version 6, to be exact.
      Ned Yeung, A.C.E.


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        i have never seen it done that way. its always cool to see the millions of ways to go about the same thing. i agree with hewligan though, if you have the tool for red eye removal it saves a lot of time.


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          looks somewhat complicated.


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            The red eye tool can be useful, but sometimes gives too cold a rendering that looks unnatural. With a loose selection around the irises, Apply Image using the green channel (which is dark in the red area) as source, in darken mode, will give a more natural look. It more or less does the same thing as in the tutorial, but it's a lot quicker. (Dan Margulis is the absolute master of channels and color spaces. He often talks about the green channel for use in portrait enhancement/retouching. This technique is his.)






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