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    As I said, A business card is a face-front representation of your company. Think about how you want that card to represent you. If you want to look like a free internet template, have at it.
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  • Pricing Advice Needed

    I've been asked to estimate a job for a publisher of a startup consumer magazine with 72 pages (4X/year and full color). Does anyone have an idea of approximate pricing for such a project? The publisher will be getting the photographs and articles for each issue.

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    As stated in the FAQ and several other areas on the forum... WE CANNOT DISCUSS PRICING ON THE FORUM!

    Posting & You
    Let me see you make decisions without your televisions.

    N.A.N.K.A. "We Kick Because We Care."


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      Any idea of where I can find such advice then? I'm in desperate need.


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        as Exodus said, the FAQ and Frequently discussed topics threads include some references for determining pricing.

        Check here:
        "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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          You could do a forum search to find several links given in other similar threads.
          Let me see you make decisions without your televisions.

          N.A.N.K.A. "We Kick Because We Care."


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            Originally posted by ME
            Let me see you make decisions without your televisions.

            N.A.N.K.A. "We Kick Because We Care."


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              If it were me, and especially since it's a startup magazine, I'd be asking a lot of questions of this publisher. Basically you need to estimate per page and multiply by page count.

              Some questions I'd be asking:

              Where are the photos coming from? Does the publisher understand the difference between a 16K jpg and a 1.5MB jpg? That will tell you if you have to add time for adjusting/messing with photos. Especially with 4 color throughout, you may be color correcting each photo.

              Will there be a standard layout of articles? Or will each article have an individual design?

              How will the text be arriving?

              Will there be advertisements?

              Will they sign a contract? Will they make a downpayment on the project. And don't fall for the "but we're just starting up" sob story. If they've taken out a business loan and didn't account for design costs for a magazine, run away and fast. Be VERY wary with a startup like this. I have heard of some scams where they go out and sell advertising for tourism mags then it never gets published but they take the ad money and run.

              Good luck!


              • #8
                Thanks so much... all great points. I really appreciate your positive answer and advice.


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                  Work out your hourly rate and figure it'll take 4-5 days work at least. More if it's complex.
                  *link removed*


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