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  • Stitching text effect?

    I have a nice jean background that I'd like to create an effect on a text block that would in effect make the text look like the "stitching" that you find on jeans. Any ideas on how to accomplish this? Any tuts out there? Thanks!
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    The stistching on jeans sort of looks like dashes if I'm not mistaken so I would just use a thin font maybe a script and make breaks every so often to make it look like stitching if that makes sense.
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      i would imagine just typeset it on top of the jeans, make the fill 0%, go to effects>stroke and choose the color of the thread. that will give you the outline, then just go in with a paintbrush or a texture fill and fill the stroke with lines to emulate the stitching.
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        That's just it -- I don't want the actual font to be stroked. I want it to look like someone just stitched the text in there. I'll keep playing with it
        When I buy stickers for folks in prison, I bring milk not backyard meth - it's a prison party!


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          All you really have to do is grab the pencil and draw some stitches. I did it once in a style that looked hand sewn. The dashes weren't spaced evenly and were crooked. But the technique would be the same I imagine. I think I put a close shadow or something on mine to give it a little depth, but not in a way that made you think it was a shadow - in a way that gave it a little depth.
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            I was thinking of trying to do something similar to the Wrangler patch.... Not sure what font that is tho.

            When I buy stickers for folks in prison, I bring milk not backyard meth - it's a prison party!


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              That looks more like a rope to me than stitching... I think someone posted a similar question about how to set up a PS brush that would look like a rope.

              This is the thread...
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                i've got a method of creating Embroidered looking text, if you got some time, it comes out looking quite realistic .

                1. type what you want in a font
                2. create a new layer on top, then with a 1-2px brush, draw in small lines that span across each edge of every letter... don't be afraid to go beyond the edges. also keep the lines well spaced out, and try to keep the space somewhat equal.
                3. after all the lines are drawn, add a 1-2px distance drop shadow to the layer.
                4. Duplicated that layer a few times and move them a few pixels away from the original layer (until it looks like all your lines almost form solid text)
                5. then make a group selection of all the line layers, fill a new layer on top of the others with that selection, put your fill to 0%, then a Bevel and Emboss to you desired settings.


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                  I beveled and embossed the stuff I did, too. I wish I still had a pic of it.
                  You're no longer a child when a mud puddle is an obstacle rather than an opportunity!


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           (top stitch)

           (rope font)

                    Other more bold letterings>>>

           (stashes of dashes)

           (stitch & Bitch)

           (Quilted Indian)

           (quilted AOE)



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                      You could play around with the scribble effect in Illustrator.
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                        or this

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