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Full time freelance + full time parent?

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  • Full time freelance + full time parent?

    I'm considering homeschooling my son over the next year, while freelancing full time. Has anyone attempted to do full time freelance work with a child at home? Any advice for someone considering this?
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    I worked at home and home schooled my kids. Homeschooling really doesn't take that long, so I wouldn't worry about that. I always had a hard time stretching out the school year to fit the state mandated 180 days. I taught my older kids for kindergarten, first, and second grade. As long as you have enriching things for your kid to do when you're working, then they won't be bored. If they get bored, then you're likely to get nothing done!! We always had something going on for them and I was generally able to get a good bit done. I didn't work a 40 hour week, but I put in a good 25 to 30.
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      my daughter is in 1st grade & when she isn't at school i get a lot less done.
      but she helps when she can & i love being able to go to her school activites and what not.
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        How old is your child? I have been a fulltime freelancer for about 4 years now. I have a 6 yr old who is in Kindergarden, we are rapidly aproaching summer vacation, and I am seeking out alternative care for him rather than me watching him as well.

        I'd say if you are well disciplined and your son is not very needy and can work on his own it may work. But I have a feeling things will suffer, for your son and your business.

        I have never been a fan of homeschooling. our neighbors do it and the kids are not well adjusted socially, and it never seems like they do anything school related. Always going back and forth to town, playing outside when i would think they should be learning, etc...

        Ever since I started freelancing, people have said, oh working from home that must be so nice, you can spend your days with your son! Ha, When he is home I don't get squat done.
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          My kids were very well adjusted socially. We did stuff with them all the time, too. We went to museums and did a ton of enriching things. INDY, your neighbors children may be like mine and catch on very quickly. Homeschooling doesn't take the amount of time a public school would take because the attention is very individualized. I have a four year old at home right now. I don't work as much as I should or could, but its not because of her. We have our little groove going and we're both happy with it. When I homeschooled, it took about an hour to two hours a day. My kids also attended a conservatory of music and had music lessons and got together often with other kids and neighbors. I did a lot of work at night, too, so I could hang with them most of the day. It also helps that the two I homeschooled are only 20 months apart. You should line up something to do with him when you have client meetings and such, though.

          If you're going to homeschool and work, then you should consider buying a curriculum that pretty much spells out what you should do in a lesson. I bought my curriculums from Calvert school in Baltimore. They pretty much give you everything from the crayons to the lesson plan book and it's a good school!

          You're no longer a child when a mud puddle is an obstacle rather than an opportunity!


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            Indy, I'm extremely comfortable with the idea of homeshooling. I'm more looking for BTDT on the pitfalls of combining work and homeschooling. Thanks, though, I appreciate your perspective.

            Cornfed and Gary, thanks! I am enjoying being so available, but I haven't put alot of effort into working with him around yet. I think unless I come across a compelling reason not to, I will try it this summer and if we crash and burn he can go back in the fall as usual.
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