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iMac Problems - Shutting Down

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  • iMac Problems - Shutting Down

    First, wasn't sure where to place this.
    Second, this is something different. Usually someone has a problem and scours the boards and internet to find a fix. Well I'm gonna tell you what went wrong and how I fixed it in case this troubles you too.

    My boss had bought me a 24" iMac 2.16 ghz dual core with 2 gb of ram. I loved it. within a month however I'd come back in the next day and find my computer with a blue screen, apparently it didn't like shutting down. So, after dealing with this problem I finally found a fix.

    Shut it down.
    Unplug from computer.
    wait 10 sec.
    When you plug it in make sure you hold down the power button.

    Great, it comes on and shuts down. However the fans come on full force when I power it up.

    It took a while to find the fix on this, which is why I'm posting this...

    After you have fixed the shutdown problem, shut it down again.
    Wait another 10 sec.
    DO NOT HOLD POWER, but plug the power into the computer.

    It should work fine.

    And now you know, and knowing is half the battle.
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    Where on earth did you find a fix like that?


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      a whole lot of looking. but most of what we do is troubleshooting, isn't it?
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        I'm thinking you are slamming the board pretty hard plugging in while holding the power button.

        Did you ever try just resetting the mother board. Little tiny switch inside. Shut down. Press once, and only once. Restart. Usually does the trick.


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          Are those iMacs difficult to get into?


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            That's the thing. The new intels don't have that button anymore, they set it so that you have to unplug it, and wait a bit, then when you plug it back into the rear of the computer, you hold in the power. It's the new way so that you don't have to open it up.

            The problem I had after tho was the fan issue. That's what really made this more complicated.
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              Ah, missed that. There is always a reason to hate all-in-ones or comps too small to get inside.


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                My question, is why are you shutting it down to begin with? Macs are supposed to stay on so the OS can optimize itself at night.

                Put it in sleep mode, but never shut it down (unless you're transporting a laptop).
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                  It doesn't run utilities when asleep. It has to stay awake to work.


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                    Originally posted by Gromit801
                    My question, is why are you shutting it down to begin with? Macs are supposed to stay on so the OS can optimize itself at night.

                    Put it in sleep mode, but never shut it down (unless you're transporting a laptop).
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                      if there is no reset button, you can remove all the ram and put it back in, it will do the same thing.


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                        Still gotta open it. It's an iMac. Get the tweezers.


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                          actually the ram is in the bottom slot, you just take out two screws and there is the ram. I just put more into the iMac at home.

                          Silence, does that really reset it?
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                            yeah, and I'll bet those screws are really tiny.
                            I have actually never worked on an iMac. I've used a few but never taken one apart.


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                              just regular screws... nothing too tiny.
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