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    A logo is basically an illustration of your entire company/brand image, which is then passed to your expectation in a pictorial or symbolic manner.
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    Candy Shop Logo

    I'm currently working on the logo of a new wave candy shop (basicly some kind of coffee where creative/vintage sweets and cakes are sold) and I would like some advices.

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    Reply to Whats the average rate for logo design and website desig
    Always check a designer's portfolio first. If they look like they are a good fit for your company and have the skills required to do the job, email them and request a quote. Make sure you give them as...
    Today, 03:42 AM
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  • Need this effect...One Color

    Ok, so I am setting up a logo for print and wondering if anyone knows a way to get the bevel and extrude effect to stay one color. In other words, I'm trying to get that 3d look, but keep the logo one color. I have a theory, but dont know how it will work. Im thinking that I could pick one of the darkest parts of the logo and make it my one pantone color, and all of the rest of the "gradient" could be shades of that one color. Does that make sense? Any ideas?

    Imagination is more important than knowledge...
    -Albert Einstein

  • #2
    Using the YC that you have...
    Select it - Filter > Colors > Convert to grayscale
    Create a box big enough to cover the YC.
    Fill it with the desired SPOT color.
    Send it to back.
    Select both Items.
    Transparency Palette > Make Opacity Mask
    Some advice is profound, some is clever. The above post is a good example of both.


    • #3
      That would be great except everthing goes way light on me.
      Any way around this you can think of?

      Thanks for the quick reply!

      Oh, this is what I get:
      Imagination is more important than knowledge...
      -Albert Einstein


      • #4
        Maybe it has something to do with the New opacity masks are inverted option.
        Check the option (or uncheck) and redo the mask see what happens.

        If this does not give you the effect you need you can always expand the art and recolor it by hand
        Some advice is profound, some is clever. The above post is a good example of both.


        • #5
          Yea, I tried that. Doesnt work too well. Looks like I'll be hand coloring it...

          Thanks for your help MD!
          Imagination is more important than knowledge...
          -Albert Einstein


          • #6
            LOL, I am such an idiot sometimes - Try this.

            Change the original type to a spot color
            In the 3D menu - more options.
            Change Shading Color to none.
            Check Preserve Spot Colors.
            Some advice is profound, some is clever. The above post is a good example of both.


            • #7
              Alright, perfect. I figured it out just as I received email notification that you replied.
              I left shading on, and still chose preserve spot colors.

              This thing's goin to press with my yellow spot color, and a black overprint (perfect since the text goes below that "yc" logo is black.

              Thanks for all your help!
              Much Appreciated!
              Imagination is more important than knowledge...
              -Albert Einstein


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