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Flash designs and content management?

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  • Flash designs and content management?

    I've only used flash for animation and simple design concepts, so am having a difficult time wrapping my head around this. I have a potential client who wants a flash interface for her images (she's a photographer), which that in itself would be fine. What she wants from there is what I'm having a hard time with ... she wants to be able to manage this site on her own, adding new photos to her galleries, update content, etc. Also, she'd like to interface with paypal or some other shopping cart for her stock images. I'm kind of stuck between two options. I'm familiar with Joomla so could easily setup a site to accomplish these things using that, but not sure how to interface it using flash. Any ideas or articles I should read or directions I should head? Thanks!!!
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    I would suggest searching, and posting this same question at...


    Good luck!

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      There's ways, but she's asking a lot for a flash site.

      Look for XML feeds, external loading images,

      And these might help, though I've never used them.


      there was flash cart as well but it seems offline at the moment.


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        Thanks guys.
        When I buy stickers for folks in prison, I bring milk not backyard meth - it's a prison party!






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