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  • 2nd monitor

    does anyone know what i need or is it possible to hook up an extra monitor on a 20"imac running mac os x 10.4.7.

    (it says at apples website "
    Monitor Ports Mini-DVI port
    Supports dual monitors")

    i see the mini dvi port.

    so im guessing i need a mini dvi converter thing to hook up to the monitor cable.? anyone know where or if these exsist?

    i have this 19inch gateway monitor, and would like to put it to use.

    thank you guys for your help.

    i was searching for a mini dvi converter to vga, found some , but the one at bestbuy doesnt look like the monitor slot.
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    Having just gone through this with my G4 ADC > VGA adapter (royal PITA) it's
    best to actually look at the adapter when you buy it. If it doesn't look like it
    will work, it probably won't. I suggest going to or calling a Mac store and telling
    them exactly what you're doing. They should be able to help you (though my
    local store was a step above worthless in my case).
    Another place you might want to try is the MacLife Forum under Balloon Help.
    They know quite a bit about such things there.


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      i actually know exactly what i am looking dvi to vga adapter/converter, just went to some local stores, staples, bestbuy, compusa, and radioshack,................none of the stores had it.

      im going to a local mac store tomorrow, they should have it, and if not then i guess i have to order it offline.......

      thanks guys.


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        Depends if you need it.

        You didn't say if your 2nd display was digital. If it is, then you have to be careful that you don't buy the wrong adaptor. The apple store sells it for about twenty bucks thereabouts. I thought CompUSA sold it as well, how strange that it doesn't seem to be the case.

        Mini DVI to VGA

        Mini DVI to DVI

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          CompUSA isn't really long for this world anyway, they're shutting a good chunk of their stores down (REALLY good time to snag some deals on computer stuff/games/tvs/etc, if the shelves aren't stripped bare by now).

          Yeah, the Apple store should have what you need. Although ironically, I got my iMac adaptor for my 23 inch Apple monitor at CompUSA. As mentioned, just make sure you get the right one, if your monitor has a DVI input, by all means get an adapter for that over the VGA version.






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