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when i was in design school almost 20 year ago ...

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  • when i was in design school almost 20 year ago ...

    They have this little design theory exercise ...

    There is a white square board

    and on this white square board you have 8 by 8 black circles evenly lined up uniformly

    now the design theory is this ... you can only simple geomatric shapes to make a design and a route or path way from one circle to the next

    the idea of the exercise is to make each circle flow from one circle to the next using only simple geometric shapes ...

    so how you use your simple geometric shapes plays a very major role in the design ...

    using things such as positive space and negative space etc etc etc

    this is pure 100% design work ...

    your design must visually flow from one circle to the next through out all the 8 x 8 circles ...

    and there is this other thing ... this is a purely black and white exercise

    no halftone or color or anything ... purely black and white ...

    even up till now ... this exercise is still a doozer ... and it still baffles me a bit ...

    I was wondering if there is any reference books on the market that teaches such design principles ???





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