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copywriting? any sugessions?

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  • copywriting? any sugessions?

    i know it may be a different profession, but when you are a student you have to do both things. i think it also has to do with the concept..with something very casic in graphic design, because we all need a good concept and sentence for the work. it can just make know. the idea. the copywirting and the visual should work together.

    now we have a project that`s about us. we have to advertize ourselves and to choose what image we want, what we want to say about ourselves.
    i thought about my physical flexibility. because it has to be something strange -something that is not logical, that we are not used to see in reality,so i may try to get photogtaphed where everyone is sitting at a lesson or something like that and i do something acrocatic, on a chair, smiling. maybe the sentence will be something like "free to move" or "move your body" or something like that. it`s not only that i have those abilities but also that i have the crazyness and the courage to expose them wherever!
    that`s the idea on the whole.

    but i don`t like those sentences above. i am not good at copywriting and don`t like it.
    does any1 has an idea that can fit to the concept?

    (sorry for the bad phrasing..i hope you understand what i mean.
    .English is not my native languege)

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    A thesaurus is good for this or a site like which gives you phrases, rhymes and alternate words.

    Flexible friend is what comes to mind for me but that has been used on a credit card advert, unless you spoofed a creadi card ad?
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      First: don't presume that the task of writing copy is restricted to student designers alone. Personally, I embrace that opportunity. Nothing frustrates me more than trying to inject life into zombie copy via layout and graphics. I also believe that 90% of the best graphic design is inseparable from the best copy design.

      Second: what IS your native language -- and is there any reason why this project couldn't be done within that? You probably will be given more allowance in a student situation.

      Unfortunately, if you plan to enter the commercial English design world after graduation, your limited English language skills could be your most major obstacle to success.

      Good luck.


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        ho o.k thanks for the site sugession. i thought to check out here. it can be hebrew too. it can be done in any languege. i can get sugessions from students if i bring a work wihtout any copywiritn-just image. i just thought that if i get here an idea i can bring to class something really done. but it`s the first lessom so it`s not catastriphic if i don`t do copywiritng right now. just wanted a better progress. if i don`t get any ideas untill this Monday, the students and the teacher will help me i suppose.


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          Copywriting is often referred to as "the creative" in the marketing industry. Words first...then images follow to support the copy. It is very important that these work together.

          The client will have an idea or an offer that he wants to communicate to a target audience. So the copy has to come first to define the thrust of what is being communicated.

          Keep the target audience in mind when you "write copy" that is meant to get their attention.

          Then you can visualize a way to illustrate those words with supportive graphics.

          As designers, we tend to think of the graphics first. As advertising professionals, that would be "putting the cart before the horse".

          My suggestion is to clearly define your message before trying to visually communicate with your design. You can have a very clever design but not be able to "sell" the message if you do not design with that message in mind.

          I have seen wonderful graphics, fail miserably on test after test because the designer was so intent on creating visual impact, he forgot his message. When it doesn't connect with the target audience, even the best design is a waste of time.
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