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making a larger pattern image

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  • making a larger pattern image

    I want to take one image and print out individual pieces to make a larger posterboard size image. I am using photoshop, does anyone know of an easy way of doing this so I don't have to crop each part of the image? thanks.

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    Set overall dimensions to final desired size.

    Using the Guides, make an appropriate grid over your image, corresponing to page size (probably letter or 8x10).

    Make a selection with the Rectangular Marquee tool of the area you want to print.

    Go to File>Print With Preview... and check Print Selected Area.

    Repeat as needed.


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      If you can't place the image in InDesign or Quark and Tile it (Illustrator tiling doesn't overlap enough) you have to do it manually. Why they ever removed the print to tile feature in PS is beyond me.






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