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3 Ways to Spring Surprises for Mom

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  • 3 Ways to Spring Surprises for Mom

    Annual Motherís Day is again on May 13th, 2007. Whatís your gift idea this year for mummy? No ideas? Well, itís never too late to think of that now, and Iím sure you could make it perfect after reading this article. Yes, nothing special, just show mummy how much you love her! Thereís a saying, God could not be everywhere and therefore be made mothers. Even nothing you pick, donít forget to have a dinner with her or only make a call, regardless how busy you are.
    1. Buy Mom a Bunch of Carnations
    Carnations are chosen to represent the sweetness, purity and endurance of mother love. Pink carnations are the symbol of a mother's undying love; White indicate pure love and good luck; Striped symbolize a regret that a love cannot be shared; Light red carnations represent admiration, while dark red denote deep love and affection.
    As the motherís flower, itís also because carnation was the favorite of Anna Jarvisí motherís. Then why not pick your motherís fond flowers as gift?

    2. Prepare Her Favorite Meal
    You know mummy packs meals 7 days a week, so, on this special holiday for mothers, please make her mouthwatering from breakfast to dinner. Treat your mother something she will never forget. But first of all, you need to find out what mom craving.
    For my mother, Iíll prepare the delicious dishes follow this recipe:
    Breakfast Ė A glass of orange juice, Pineapple sauce pancakes and Bake sausage;
    Lunch Ė Ham and beans, Cheese soup, Vegetable salad and Creamy Tomato Pasta;
    Dinner - Champagne, Smoked Sausage, Bagel pizza, fruit salad and a Chinese seafood Casserole.

    3. Make Mom a From-Heart-Gift
    In the past year, you should have a lot of treasure memory with mom, and snap it with camera. Therefore, itís time to share and show the mom sheís special. Certainly, you could ask your dad for help, yes, family members love to make homemade gifts together, I know.
    Here are ideas for a from-heart-gift.
    Motherís Day e-card
    Pick some pictures, write down the words, such as, ďMommy, I love you!Ē or ďThank you, momĒ, etc. and make some decoration.
    Flash picture album
    It must be interesting to design a flash picture album, since each album tells a full story. And a stunning flash album would make mothers fondle admiringly. Yep, do remember to add pieces of background music to spicy it up.
    Some tools available for a homemade gift:
    Wondershare Flash Slideshow Suite,
    Google Picasa,
    Greeting Cards,
    Some songs maybe youíll like for mothers:
    Thank you mom by Good Charlotte; Mama by Spice Girls; A song for mama by Boyz 2 Men; Mother of mine by Cathy Ryan; Hey mama by Kayne west; Everything I do by Christina Aguilera

    Last but not least, best wishes for all the mothers.
    Nice to meet you, guys!

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    We're taking Mum out for brunch. My sister suggested we have breakfast at home, but I don't live that close and I'd have to catch 2 buses on Sunday morning to get there. Sunday buses are almost non existant. So we're going out instead. I'll probably get her some flowers, but bright ones like gerberas. Not font of carnations...
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      she'll get nothing and like it.
      The beginning is always today.


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        I'm a new dady. What does my one year old daughter get my wife for mother's day? (Yes, I got in trouble last year because she didn't get anything when my daughter was only 4 months old. I was still just trying to stay awake during the day, let alone really know what day it was.)
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          Terry - You could go to a craft store and get one of those plaster kits and make a plaster plaque of her hands or feet with "Mommy" written on the top.


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            Originally posted by balou
            Terry - You could go to a craft store and get one of those plaster kits and make a plaster plaque of her hands or feet with "Mommy" written on the top.
            ^^ cool. ^^
            The beginning is always today.


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              Spanky, you should do this too. It would be better than nothing.


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                i couldn't afford enough plaster to stick my size 11s in lol
                The beginning is always today.


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                  Originally posted by captain spanky
                  i couldn't afford enough plaster to stick my size 11s in lol
                  LOL! It would be pretty hilarious though!


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                    that WOULD be funny! My mom would get a kick out of it!
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