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  • portfolio critique anyone.....

    Hello everyone, I'm going job hunting soon so I'd appreciate if some of you would take the time to look at my portfolio and critique it. Please be as honest as you want. Thank you for your time. Below is the link to my website.

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    I waited about 10 seconds and nthing loaded but the background and that white box so I moved on to other things...
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      I would say get rid of all the music and sounds.

      Second, fix the word-spacing throughout; there are too many large gaps in between your words.

      Third, skip the intro page where you have to click 'Enter' to enter.

      Fourth, get rid of the instructions on how to view your portfolio pieces. If it's not obvious or intuitive without instructions, it's not a good user interface.

      Fifth, it is generally not a good idea to reveal your age (as you have on the About Me page).


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        Originally posted by colonel5
        I waited about 10 seconds and nthing loaded but the background and that white box so I moved on to other things...
        I had it open for 2 minutes here and there was only white. I was doing other things though, not just sitting there looking at nothing for 2 mintues.

        Are you going for the minimal look?
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          Wow, i guess since it has been loaded on my computer before it loads normal for me, I was actually going for a clean look for the site. Any more suggestions? And Thanks to those who waited patiently for the site to load.


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            If you want to have music, make it opt-in. I almost instantly click off on most sites when I don't have a choice to mute music, since I tend to be listening to something already, and I'm not fond of cacophony.
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              Do not have your music auto-play when someone visits. No one will enjoy your site if they discover their volume is accidently turned up, and your site plays music.

              I also suggest you make that spinning logo on the top left have some application. Its a cool spinning trick, but it doesn't add much to the design. If you want it to spin, how about making it spin for a few seconds, stop for a few, and then resume. You want people to feel at ease on your site, but having a spinning icon contantly spin gives people a sense of urgency, which may interfere with their browsing experience.

              I like your layout and colors. My only suggestion is to tweak the information box when you are viewing a portfolio piece. Right now, the information box is so small. You need to explain to your audience your process of design for each least a little bit more than you have now. For example, in your first web design example, you have Cocoa Beach Parasail. In the information box, you only list the year, title, purpose, and year. It would be much better if you had descriptions of each piece, such as...

              Title: Cocoa Beach Parasail (2006)

              Purpose: The Cocoa Beach Parasail company wanted a web site that showed off their parasailing services. Being a tourist and vacation destination, it was important to show the fun aspects of the company, as well as give the visitors information on pricing....

              I think its more valuble to describe your process rather than just give it a fact sheet.
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                thank's guys for your advise I, you'll soon see the changes


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                  Pay attention to your title bar. .:: and ::. are fun for teenage fan sites, but not for professional portfolios. Your title is also redundant, - online portfolio for Alexi Paris.

                  The spiny thing is inconsistent with your design. Perhaps 2D it, and then throw the television effect over it. the two screws next to it are a bit of an eye sore.

                  Properly frame the center. The spiny thing and music controls should extend the entirety or create an top left bottom right thing. Distribute the weight.

                  Remove the v1.0

                  Focus your site on portfolio work. Save the tutorials for a hidden sub-domain or something.

                  Keep contact info on it's own page, or solely on the title page, but not both. Maybe even keep it as a footer.

                  Change "Services" to "Specialties"

                  Keep your folder boxes consistent. Right now, one is curved, one is square, one is orange, one is grey, the about page has three blue dohickies.

                  Frame your portfolio work and keep the dimensions consistent. The first image under graphic design is the only one that spans top to bottom.

                  Remove pitch from purpose, aka logo design pitch, it suggests that you didn't land the job.

                  Tweek your illustrations. "Craig" isn't as strong as the others.

                  Your web design is a slap in the face. You are telling the world you work on a windows system, which is a no no in the design world. Solutions? Find a HQ shot of Safari, and import your website and tweak to fit in the frame. Use firefox - a free OS independent browser. Remove browser window completely. At the very least, make all the browser settings the same.

                  Fed up records isn't a working link. At least host it on your site so the viewer can interact with it.

                  ensure "My Computer" isn't seen in the status bar. Cocoa Beach also has a tool tip visible.

                  Be careful with your web designs. They are all suggesting a the same stile, 2 Column header, left side navigation bar, right side live area.

                  I hope this isn't too critical, this is just my observations and suggestions.

                  Also your about me page is full of incorrect capitalization. Also be wary of run on sentances. "I don't like to say I have a particular style ... always tell that it is me"
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