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Help with PDF forms PLEASE!!

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  • Help with PDF forms PLEASE!!

    This is something I have done 100 times and it is NOT WORKING for me anymore. Augh!

    I have a PDF that I created in Illustrator. i am opening it in Acrobat and trying to make it into a form with fillable fields. I have done this MANY MANY times. Today it is on the fritz and I cannot figure out what I am doing different.

    When I try to open it in Adobe Designer to create the form fields, it is completely losing all text and vector objects. It says "4,515 unsuppoted curved objects" and everthing is gone when it is imported. I have NO idea what I am doing different. I even tried to import another form I made the other day and the same thing is happening. Any ideas????


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    Why are you using Adobe Designer? If you have a standard form already designer, why wouldn't you use Acrobat Professional? It's a lot easier to use. I know this doesn't answer your question, but I figured I would ask it anyway.
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