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  • Online Graphics Courses?

    I have been designing in Photoshop for 1-2 years now, And I want to advance my skills, I have been thinking of making a website were people can buy my services but I would love to complete an online course first.

    Because I am 15 I don't have much money, my budget for the course under $100.

    But I can't find any! I am looking for an Intermediate to Advanced online Photoshop design course for under $100.

    Can anyone refer me to a good site?

    Thanks alot!

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    Hi Plutonic and welcome.

    What kinds of things do you design in Photoshop? Describe your work and what skills you would like to gain we can let you know what is suitable for you. may be helpful to you (if it doesn't scare you off and freak you out first).

    It's $25 a month to join. I haven't used them before but they do come highly reccomended. Ask around here if you aren't sure.
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      Welcome to GDF, Plutonic!


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        I've used's tutorials, and they are definitely worth the money. Even though I'm in college, the information they supply is worth it. Considering that most Universitys charge over $100/credit hour, $25/month is nothing.
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          I also suggest's tutorials. I've used them, and they work. At $25 a month, its a good deal. They also sell tutorials on CDs/DVDs if you want to go that route.
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            if you buy some of her books, they come with free hours of tutorials. I think my lynda flash book came with like 25 free hours or something.

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