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  • Designia
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    I dunno, do you need that horizontal part? Or maybe have the whole bottom of the heart solid?...
    Today, 08:45 PM
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  • MeadowlarkGraph
    Comment on Rebrand for chairty resale store
    Yeah, I was going for a heart/purse thing. Not clear? Darn it all to heck! Good call on the tagline, and FYI that type is Pacifico with a few tweaks, it's one of my new faves.
    Today, 08:40 PM
  • Omarsciberras
    Hello everyone
    Just wanted to say hi. I'm new in graphic design but hopefully I will be able to contribute and share my work with you in the future
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  • Designia
    Reply to Rebrand for chairty resale store
    The tag line needs to be smaller, it's sticking out to the left of the "i" in Findables and I like that script font. But I keep looking at the graphic expecting to see something and I don't....
    Today, 08:26 PM

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  • what Chair is best to work in!

    HI there,

    I often work from home and my office chair although very comfy is wearing out! Bigtime. I often work long hours and I'm very conscious about correct posture and R.S.I so I'm wondering what chair of type is best recomended for heavy sessions in front of the screen?

    any feedback welcome



  • #2
    Get the same model you just had? If it works, why change it?


    • #3
      hi there, I forgot to mention I got it from a 2nd hand shop and its from the 70's or 80's. So know replacement I am afraid... Whats your chair like?


      • #4
        I'm sitting on a dining chair at home. It's very upright so it is probably good for my back.

        At work I sit on a swivel office chair. I'm too small for it so my back doesn't even touch the back rest because I'm too far forward on the seat (so that I can touch the ground)...can't help ya.
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        • #5
          Dining chair is actually good enough for working, swivel chair will make the sitting unsteady. I sit on dining chair at office and oftentimes only on cushion when at home.


          • #6
            can't you get the chair re-stuffed and recovered?
            we've done that with a few chairs now
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            • #7
              Well, if you want one of the best of the best, and if you can afford it, I recommend the Aeron chair (or it's more compact counterpart, the Mirra). Here in the U.S. though it can easily run you about a thousand USD with all the bells and whistles, but worth it. Most of the companies I contract for own them.

              Other than that, look for any chair that advertises good built in lumbar support. And speaking as someone who has a bad back, it pays to have a sit on them rather than just buy whatever you see online based on the product specifications—not all lumbar chairs are as good and sturdy as they seem. You also should test drive for the quality of the materials as well.

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              • #8
                i agree with seapony. i went through several chairs before finding one that would work well. as you get a little older, your sitting and working position becomes vital. lumbar support, for me, is crucial. also being able to move the seat forward or back, and adjust the tilt of the chair and not just whether or not you can lean back.

                i've learned over the years -- and through some PT for some back issues -- that the chair is a lot more important than most people think it is. to me, it's as key as having your arm in the right position to mouse well, having the keyboard at the right position and height, and above all, remembering that every hour or so, you really need to stretch your arms and get up.

                if you forget to get up, keep a full glass of water next to you, and drink a lot. trust me, you'll get up.
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                • #9
                  I have the Herman Miller Aeron chair and swear by it... best money i've ever spent on a chair.
                  Comes in 3 different sizes, which is awesome because i'm 6'5" and no other chair fits me right.


                  • #10
                    Definately don't count out 2nd hand shops or garage sales. I use my grandpa's old steel office chair from around the 40's. Greatest chair I have ever sat in ever, better than the Aeron's at work imo.


                    • #11
                      I was just looking up chairs yesterday and I stumbled across the Aeron chair. Lots of great concepts, but that's a steep price. I've sat in them before, and the only thing I noticed that felt different was that lower back bolster. The back is mesh, so your back can "breathe" which is also cool. One thing I didn't like was the lack of padding on those chairs. Great posture, but I like chairs that have a little fluff.
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                      • #12
                        My stool in the corner is great. I could do without having to wear the long, pointy hat though. Why not a bean bag chair?

                        For my home, I bought a nice, comfy chair for the computer room. Brought it home, only to find it didn't fit through the 24" wide doorway to my computer room. Old houses suck.
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                        • #13
                          When I worked in an office at Disneyland, they bought Aerons for everyone. They are pricey, do wonders for heat dissipation on your backside but have one flaw noone talks about, the fabric is not nearly as nice as the older Herman Millers with the foam. The older HMs have a dense foam seat and back. We bought two of them for our home office and we've had them for about 10 years and they are still as comfortable as ever. We bought ours at a local used business furniture store. (New Herman Miller Aeron $800... Older Herman Miller with the dense comfy foam $80)
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                          • #14
                            I saw massage office chairs the other day. From around $100US, that's pretty damn good.

                            Anyone used a massage office chair before?
                            It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" – Winnie the Pooh


                            • #15
                              Originally posted by Silence04
                              I have the Herman Miller Aeron chair and swear by it... best money i've ever spent on a chair.
                              Comes in 3 different sizes, which is awesome because i'm 6'5" and no other chair fits me right.
                              I'm 6'3" and I loved that chair. I worked at a job where they had those chairs in every cubical & office.. The bad thing about that chair was, it was easy to fall asleep in, way to comfortable.
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