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    What trends are you seeing in the industry today? What do you think the trends will be before they become trends?

    We [creative people] are the trend setters. Its a long line and many trends have purposely or inadvertently been propagated from way back when man first put marks on stone.

    Everyone can not be aware of every design style, theme, color palette, etc. and NOT stumble upon some former form. Have you done something and later saw something similar and thought to yourself “Hey! I did that first!”

    Are new trends possible? If so why? Technology certainly plays a big part. From oil-paint to LED to silk screen to hand writing to 3d rendering to sculpture.


    But lets talk about whats current in our field and what we might guess will be a new trend.

    I’m betting there will be more of a trend towards simplicity. With the barrage of information we all receive on a daily basis from every sort of media... its my opinion that two to five words, sans-serif black on white, will be the trend to get the eye and mind in this over-saturated information age.
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    the swirly ornamental thing is definatley the current must do... not a lot of message just lots of faf... suits the kids of today... nothing to say just image image image.

    grunge was very recent i think things could possibly go slighly off tangent then further in that direction and head toward more graffitti/urban/sticker sub-culture style stuff

    I'm big on thoughtful, limited colour, simplistic design and textureful stuff at the moment tho... stuff like iso50.. coooool
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      Yeah iso50 is sweet!! I like his stuff a lot too. Mark my words, the moustache is making a comeback with the younger folks. I'm not talking about a goatee (I think that's how to spell it) just the stache.


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        Color trends are killing me at the moment. All those earthy aqua blues, beiges, and snot greens. Vinyl doesn't come in those colors! LOL!
        And please don't ask me to CNC distressed type!
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          Well if the fashion world is any indication, we're revisiting the 80s already.


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            I think (vectorized) Silhouettes are coming into play more as well as Line Drawings. Simple colors.minimalistic layouts.

            I also see what appears to be vector but with a texture over the whole or broken into a different texture for each color a scrapbooking feel.

            Victorian style-inspired from the Ornamental style now.

            I think Pirates as a large part has about a year to go before going out and still used but primarily for children and not adults.
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              i agree about the grunge style sticking around for a little longer as long as it keeps evolving. i would love if graff art gets more popular. after doing it for years in my sketckbooks and on pieces of plywood i could finally use it =]

              i love working with 2 or 3 colors and lot of lines or just simple shapes. where i work now i'm pretty limited as to how simple i can keep it they always want something with more images or color blah!

              "There's something about turning the pages of a book or magazine and the felling of rubbing your hands across the words."

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              there is no grey area when it comes to 1 color logos.


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                Pirates cannot go out of fashion, it'll bring global warming.
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                  Indeed, here's the proof:

                  "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" - Ricky Ricardo


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                    I've seen a lot of black & white (mostly white) with great typography/fonts and one or two splashes of color around. I'm guessing the swirly grunge stuff is on it's way out. It seems like that's been around for quite a while already. And I agree about the 80's coming back into play. I keep waiting to see the collars flipped up again.


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                      I keep waiting to see the collars flipped up again.
                      Go to a college town. Look for fratties. Been back since like 00'


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                        I remember in the Army, the Sargeants would call the privates "Elvis" if their collar was just the slight bit flipped up.
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                          The best place to go trend spotting is internet mortgage ads. Its all about dancing silhouettes, jittery clowns, and otherwise garishly poor design that is so bad you have to look at it, much like a train wreck.

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                            Originally posted by LeftBrain Artist
                            The best place to go trend spotting is internet mortgage ads. Its all about dancing silhouettes, jittery clowns, and otherwise garishly poor design that is so bad you have to look at it, much like a train wreck.

                            ¿Tiene bigote?
                            :rofl: I’m fond of the tattoo one myself.
                            A little smilie goes a long way.


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                              I like to look at what trends are going around, but I hardly ever try to replicate them. I'm at a point in my life where my style is dictated by my process. I don't normally have an exact vision in mind. I have a composition, a few elements and what happens, happens.
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