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    oh wow! those were awesome! I would love to have some of those as posters to hang in my office...they would be great inspiration.
    Chuck Norris could have found the WMDs


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      Originally posted by Lula
      oh wow! those were awesome! I would love to have some of those as posters to hang in my office...they would be great inspiration.
      Ditto.... I have actually been looking around to puchase such things online. But no such luck yet None-the-less simply stuning!
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        stunning yes, but you can get ascii generators to do simular works. He even mentioned at the top that it is "rendered" images.

        There's ascii to art, pic2html, ascii studio, and many online converters if you look for "Ascii art generators". Ascii has been around for over 15 years that I know of - possibly more. Still most of the ascii art is random characters, This person found a program that does phrases with multi-scaled font size and he's not sharing the link. His images are very cool.

        There's even Toogle


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          SWEET! thanks Drazan, that would be awesome to create some myself!
          Chuck Norris could have found the WMDs


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            Nice work.

            Thanks for the link draz.
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              For images.






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