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Changing colors of .jpeg pictures in Corel x3

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  • Changing colors of .jpeg pictures in Corel x3

    Hi all

    My new challenge is to paint my house.

    I want to take photo`s of the house and save it as .jpeg or pdf files. Now comes the challenge.

    Can I change the colors of the walls in Coreldraw ( of the photo`s that I saved ) to see how it will look with the new colors. Is there such a functionality that can do that in Corel.

    Please anybody out there . HELP.

    Thanks in advance
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    I haven't messed with CD for a long time but I don't think you could do it easy in it. You could do in Photo Paint or Photo Shop.

    If you just want to see what different color combos might look like you can check out this site (interior only)


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      Changing of colors in Corel x3

      Hi Kool

      I went to thes ite you suggested and it is 100% what i`m looking for
      but they want me to subscribeto get to the software.????

      Any suggestions.

      Thanks in advance






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