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    Ok, every quarter I have to make a magazine for an auction group. This current quarter they have added 20+ pages for their member directory. They apparently have some names in word files and excel files. They also decided to send the articles for this 50 page magazine in separate word files. I can't find a lot of the ads they have written down and some will most likely not fit in the places they have designated. This client is consistantly unorganized and always makes our company feel ignorant once they get their first proof. My question to you all - is there a way I could have them send in their info. without it being all over the place and help me create it in a reasonable amount of time? I'm using the template from last quater but it's already taken an entire work day and I still have 5 or 6 pages left. Is that normal? Should my turn around time be quicker? This is all setup in Indesign by the way.

    Thanks in advance for your help...

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    make sure they are paying for your time. Also ask what you want, tell them you want it all in word format. Request how you want it..


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      I find with multipage documents like this is easier to ask for a mockup. To make things easier for them, print out everything they have given you, give them a clear file - those folders with plastic pockets in them, and get them to slot in the articles in the order they want.
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